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Living For Him Looks CrazyMy brother and his wife have been encouraged by a family they recently met and I just had to share this fantastic post from their site. Read it if you want to be encouraged to press on for Him in a world that says to “live for you”. A powerful and convicting look at adoption and a challenge to save our lives by losing them.

We Didn’t Get the Memo

“We have come to the conclusion that we will only truly “retire” when we meet Jesus face to face. Everything in between, we pray, brings honor and glory to the king of Kings and Lord of Lords…the only true living God…maker of heaven and earth….the one who we want the whole world to know as their Miracle-working, Mountain-moving, Awe-inspiring, Gasp-giving God….and so we press on with more determination than ever….we will give our lives away as best we know how, always praying that God breaks our hearts with the things that break His and asking Him to continue to get rid of any traces of selfishness in our hearts.”

A Place Called Simplicity

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  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing. I won’t say I agree with that post 1 million percent, but I do agree with the base. Me, me, me has no place in the heart, mind or tongue of a Christ follower. Really liked the post!

  2. I know Linny… a wonderful, unselfish, God-loving woman. Her words ring true even if they’re hard to hear. Is a manicure in itself “unChristian?” Absolutely not. It’s the total lifestyle that most in society (Christian and non-Christian alike) need to evaluate and reshape in the image of Jesus. We’ll never be perfect at it (of course) and we should never put down those who seem less “perfect” than others. Let’s help each other… lift each other up to that place where our hearts and minds are focused more on Jesus and less on ourselves. What joy to be found in that endeavor!

    1. I love this response. The article is indeed a much needed wake-up call for the church in this country, but after reading through it, I immediately felt a sense of guilt, not conviction necessarily, just guilt. As someone with the spiritual gift of prophecy, I tend to see everything so black and white, and I am often especially hard on myself, responding to any sin in my life as “I do, therefore I am”. When it comes to money and giving vs. spending, I tend to feel guilty when I indulge myself at all, no matter how much or how little. I think we have to be careful not to become legalistic, while still maintaining an uncompromising biblical standard. I love your attitude about lifting each other up and knowing that none of us are ever going to get it completely right this side of heaven. There will always be a struggle, but there is victory in the struggle!

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