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Make me a woman who loves you more than I love what others say about me or think of me.

Make me a woman who guards her heart.

Make me a woman who loves You more than I love how I appear to others.

Make me a woman whose heart is pure.

Make me a woman who returns blessing for cursing.

Make me a woman who grows more and more to care about those around me–especially those hardest to care about.

Make me a woman who sees with compassionate eyes.

Make me a woman who doesn’t always have to be right.

Make me a woman who loves truth more than popularity.

Make me a woman who faces trials or suffering with serenity and the peace of knowing you are sovereign over my life.

Make me a woman who trusts You, even when things don’t turn out the way I think they should.

Make me a woman whose mission is to follow fiercely after God’s will, no matter the cost.

Make me a woman who chases after Your heart and finds You sufficient.

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I was about to decide to do something that God told me not to do. But then I decided to check your blog real quick, and this post helped me get back into the right mind set.
    So again, thank you.
    You saved me from making a mistake 🙂

    1. I think he makes a common yet incorrect assessment of the Word of God, being correct on some points which makes the error all the more tempting/deceptive.

      He’s right in that the Scripture was written by men and would certainly reflect the time period in the way it was written. However, we are told that the words themselves were inspired by God and that it is “living and powerful” and that “the Word is God”.

      His points about how we embrace some things from Scripture but reject others–he referred to it as “cherry-picking” is a common accusation from those who do not like the literal interpretation of Scripture. Those things which Christians in general reject (slavery, women as property, and many other ceremonial ordinances, etc.) were explicitly “undone” by the new covenant. (I’m not learned enough to be able to explain this fully–that is, what’s been done away with and what hasn’t, but I’ve heard and seen from Scripture this truth and know it’s not simply “cherry-picking”).

      With his assessment, which is gaining enormous popularity among Christians, there is no absolute truth except “God is love”. As such, we have the license to make up our own truth, which is widely what is happening.

      But this stance flies in the face of Scripture which admonishes us to “flee from sin”, to “repent”, to live a life that is pleasing to the Lord, etc. All of Scripture presupposes a written and established truth that if altered, makes the rest of God’s Word obsolete at worst, and just a handy suggestion book at best.

      And I do agree with him that the Bible contains principles for living. I believe it contains every principle for all of life, in fact. But there are also specifics (he dismissed the sin of homosexuality) that remain true. While we don’t put to death those who break certain laws, those laws are still truth.

      Anyway, I’m rambling now but that was my assessment.

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