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Well, I had every intention on sharing my “pattern” from this first hat I made. Unfortunately, when I tried to duplicate it in a larger size, I came up with this:

Equally cute, but not the same.  (This picture tickles me *pink*.)

So I gave up conformity and resolved to emphasize, ahem, the value of the uniqueness of each piece….OK, I don’t know what I’m doing but I do know I’ve now got to crochet all my kids a hat and thankfully they don’t care that every one turns out differently 😉

And there’s this one, even a bit bigger…(Yes, she’s as “sneaky” as she looks and I love every ounce of her.)

I will, however, attempt to give you the general approach I’ve gleaned from other crocheters as I’ve stumbled through making these. Feel free to jump in with your own advice if you are an expert. (An expert means you’ve made more than 3 hats in your lifetime.)

And remember, Kathy @ Teaching Good Things has a great crocheting DVD. (And yes, I will earn a commission if you buy it ;-))

Begin the hat by chaining 4.  Then close the chain with a slip stitch. Begin a pattern of 1 single cr. into first chain, then 2 single cr. into second.  Alternate 1 and 2 stitches into each hole until the circle is as big as you want it before you start decreasing the size of the hat. (If you notice the circle starting to curl instead of lying flat, switch to a 1/1/2 pattern.  (Does that make any sense?)

When you want to begin decreasing the size of the hat, start crocheting 1 single in each hole and continue until the desired size.  If you need a sharper decrease, you can slip stitch into each hole, or single crochet into every other hole.

To make a ruffle, single or double crochet (depending on the size of the ruffle you want) 3-5 stitches into each hole.  If the ruffle isn’t frilly enough, skip a hole.

Now that you are thoroughly confused, I would also suggest you might take a look at some Youtube videos which have a number of instructions and are easy to follow.

There are actually so many different ways to make a hat you may stumble upon your own pattern.  Have fun trying!

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    1. Thanks, Jennifer…I think so too…the blue eyes and beautiful dark skin comes from Dad (obviously)… Don’t know where the brown eyes come from?? But hey, Ellia’s got my fair skin–woo hoo! I have at least one (or two) that look a little like me 😉

      1. They got the BLUE eyes from their father? I thought he had brown and you had blue. Well, as long as the gene’s there, they can show up. Gorgeous either way, the fair skin too; I love the different genes kids can get from parents and family.

        1. Actually, their Dad’s eyes are hazel so it’s really odd that we have 2 with such bright blue eyes (Bria also has blue eyes) and then our others have chocolate brown eyes. Mine are green…go figure.

          1. That’s funny. My husband’s eyes are that beautiful chocolate brown and so are both of our daughters. Mine are bright green, and our baby boy’s are the brightest blue, like your daughters pictured. People are always asking us where his blue eyes come from 😉

            By the way, you have the most beautiful family…every one of you! So will you be sporting a hat? And what about the baby on the way? Is there a wee little hat in the works? Pink or blue? or do you find out? 🙂

  1. Here’s a funny thing. I crochet exactly the same way you explained that “pattern” so I got exactly what you were talking about…and clearer than any YouTube video:). Cute hats. I may have to break out my needles:).

  2. lol these are the strangest instructions for a crochet hat I’ve seen, but they do make sense! congrats 😀
    When I crochet a beanie without a pattern, first I measure the head circumference, which I then divide by pi (3.14)- let’s call the answer ‘K’. I increase until the diameter of the crochet is equal to ‘K’ (that’s the crown of the beanie). Then start crocheting one sc in each stitch (or hole) until it’s the length you want. This makes a quite fitted beanie, so you shouldn’t have to decrease. Add a ruffle as you would for this one 🙂

    1. Katherine, does that really work? THANK YOU!!!!!! I have been trying to figure out how to determine the diameter of the crown to get the desired circumference.
      To the maker of the hats and owner of Generation Cedar, the hats are lovely. Your blog has greatly encouraged me.

  3. thank you so much! the hats are so cute! I do have to give a hearty 2nd to Kelly recommendation of Kathy’s Crochet DVD! It is really good. Very thorough. My daughter was able to learn a lot and she was 9 when she first saw it! i can’t wait to try and make the hats! blessings, jen in al

  4. First off…beautiful girlies! Second…I don’t know what I’m doing, either. A dear friend at church is (attempting) teaching the girls and I to crochet. I have a scarf in the works…a horribly awkward looking scarf. Not sure I want to venture out into public wearing it. I think I’ll stick to washcloths. 😉

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