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Recycling old things to make new ones–you know that’s one of my favorite things! Crayon cookies are an easy, fun project to make with your children or to make for a child’s gift, using those old, broken crayons that for some reason we keep around.

  1. Remove any paper from the crayons.
  2. Break into pieces and place different colors in small muffin tins.
  3. Melt in the oven–200 degrees should do it and just watch them until they all melt.
  4. Let cool and pop out of tins.  It helps to put them in the freezer first.

Package them cutely (is that a word?)–maybe stack them and wrap them with clear cellophane and tie the ends with ribbons like a tootsie roll–and pop them in your kiddos stockings this year or give as a gift with coloring books.  (A travel-pack makes a nice gift for children.  Buy a colorful clipboard that opens for storage and include the cookies in there with other art supplies.  The clipboard can be personalized with the child’s name.)

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  1. Yes, this is a wonderful idea to use those crayons that are not longer used.

    They do look nice once they merge together…don’t they?



  2. Super cool idea! It’s very similar to how my mom recylcled our old crayon stubs. She melted them down with like colors in a double boiler, added a wick to some small canning jars, pured a little essential oil in the wax and we’d have cute little candles to keep or give away! I think multi colored ones that look like your crayon cookies would be pretty cool too. 😉

  3. Another way we do these is to line a cookie sheet with foil, place alum. cookie cutters on top of the foil and fill with broken crayon pieces, and then place in the oven. My daughters (3yrs and 4yrs) love getting to choose what shapes their new crayons will be! 🙂

  4. Absolutely, “cutely” is a word! In my world anyhow. And these favorite crayons of ours are indeed CUTE. I’ve never thought of giving them as a gift, however. Guess what I’ll be doing…

    Thank you!

  5. We tried this today with old crayons I was getting ready to toss. They turned out nice but there was an odd layer of clear oil on top of each crayon cookie so I stirred them. Is this normal? Maybe it was the cheap Dollar Tree crayons I used? Would have liked the swirl colors like yours.

    Either way my little ones thought they were dessert even though they helped make them. Kind of funny. Thanks for sharing all your craft ideas!

  6. What a great idea! I have done this in the past, but forgot about it.

    My niece’s 3rd birthday is tomorrow. I bought her a book, but I wanted to add a cute home-made gift. My boys and I made these and then I printed coloring pages for her. Check out the website below. You can print all kinds of free gifts (including stationary and bookmarks). We printed the black and white pictures from this page for her to color: Really adorable art!

    or go to (it’s the same site owner, but there are more clipart/stationary things there)

  7. Ok…. I’m kind of art inept. Does this just make a bigger, multi-colored crayon? Or is there another point to this “cookie” I’m missing?

  8. iarepilotswife,
    I had that same oil and I used the crayola brand, the only difference is that it settled to the bottom of the pan instead of on the top. Plus, because I used muffin papers, the oil seeped below the papers so it didn’t really stay on the actual crayon.

    Yes, basically, and it is very time consuming to get all the wrappers off the crayons. We enjoyed it though because my kids helped peel. I used a knife to actually peel mine. The biggest plus is that these can be a neat gift for a child.

  9. Hello,
    I was just wondering if you used a certain book for making soaps and lotions? I have always wanted to make my own things and would love to look at your book that you use:) Also we havent hered to much about your newest baby blessing? How is your pregnancy going so far?

    Love kasey

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