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From Passionate Homemaking:

“In this day and age, people invest thousands upon thousands of dollars in a home, and for what? Is it simply to provide temporary comfortable or to look good before our family and friends? Could there be more significance to the way God intends for us to live within our homes?…

If our view of our homes is shortsighted, there is no motivation to accomplish the menial tasks of maintaining it. If we don’t cultivate a high and holy design for our homes, it is easy to slip into thoughts of frustration, comparison, or purposelessness.”

Read the rest of “What is the Purpose of the Home?”

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  1. Great post! When you give your home to God to do as He pleases, all those things are not just possible, but very easy!

  2. I would love to read this full article, on “What is the purpose of the Home.” but the link appears to be broken. If I could receive the article, I would be very thankful.

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