Generation Cedar

A tiny gesture…

  • Total time:  2 minutes
  • Total cost:  $1.72
  • Total impact:  immeasurable

Just a note on each pillow with a box of juice and a packet of hot chocolate mix.  It’s true, juice is a treat, especially when it’s in a box, and they are grateful.

But their faces–bright and smiling and heaping “thank yous” for this small thing.

I withdraw often from their “love accounts”.  A word too harsh, an expectation too high.

But I love them so much.  Remember to deposit!

The notes were fiercely true:

“I love being with you every day.”…..”Your smile makes my days happier.”….”You are a gift from God.”

Kyla carried hers around, admiring her “hot chochet”, showing Daddy proudly when he stopped in. 

“I wike juice, Mommy”.

“I like you, Kyla.”

Kinder words were spoken for the morning.  Tender hugs exchanged among siblings.

Could I remember to drop love more often into these little hearts?  A word here, a smile there, and a hug always.

Is it really that hard?

We smiled and drank our juice boxes together at lunch.  They will remember, if only for the day, that there is at least one person in the world who is thrilled they were born.

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  1. Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!!! I would have NEVER thought of such a simple, sweet gesture towards my children! 🙂 Please, share as often as you think of it, one small way you have shown love to your children. For those of us raised in less-loving homes, such ideas never enter our heads – and your little gestures could open up a world of new ideas on how to sweetly love our little ones! THANK YOU!!! 🙂

  2. I love giving love notes! My mom used to write notes on my lunch napkin and I’d find it in my lunch box at school. Then my sister and I would write napkin love notes for everyone at dinner.
    I like the juice box idea! That would be a big hit around here.
    I also like to hold their little (and not so little) faces in my hands and give the words of praise verbally. They love that.

  3. Kelly, you are an inspiration! I love your blog and all your wonderful ideas and insights! Thanks for the great “love note” idea. I am currently working outside our home though my husband and I are working towards having me home full time with our 3 daughters. I appreciate your money saving tips and the encouragement necessary to keep me going each day! Many Blessings!

  4. Sweet post, Kelly! They grow up fast! I brought some store-bought cupcakes to my daughter Mary yesterday for her 23rd birthday since I didn’t have time to make any. It was her first full day home from the hospital after giving birth to Jacob. ( My four year old daughter Malody came along to meet her baby nephew for the first time, so I knew the cupcakes would maken the occasion extra special for her, too!

    When I was in elementary school, my dad would often draw elaborate pictures on my brown paper lunch bags. I remember an ocean liner. Little things, big memories.

    1. Hee hee…I was wondering why a nice, thoughtful Christian lady would name her daughter “Maladie”…thanks for the correction 🙂

  5. Awww 🙂 Reading this post brings back a flood of memories. Even though my Mom has six kids, she took the time to keep a “secret pillow journal” with me. She would write a little note inside and then stick it under my pillow while I was sleeping. I’d wake up smiling, write a message back and then stuff it under her pillow until she did had the urge to drop me another line! Sometimes it was a simple sentence like: “Thank for helping me can the peaches today…you’re such a good helper!” Sometimes she’d apologize (thought she always did in person), and sometimes she’d just draw a happy face. Either way, my day was brightened and I always felt close to Mom. Your daughter might only remember these acts of kindness for a day, but I doubt it. They’ll probably stick for her whole life time. And I’ll bet she’ll do the same thing with her own children one day! Thanks for sharing!

    1. My oldest son started a fun game with me. He has this turkey that gobbles when you squeeze it. He puts it under my pillow so that when I lay down at night, it startles me..

      So then I sneak it under his pillow….. Fun stuff!

  6. Great idea! Thank you for being loving and sincere, but also REAL on this blog. There’s no mush, just transparency.

  7. Kelly,

    This was beautiful, simply beautiful! I guess you could say this is only one of the many reasons why mothers should have children 😉 Thank you for sharing this. Even as a wife who has not been blessed yet with the gift of children, I can still appreciate this loving post.

    ~Mrs. Lady Sofia~

  8. When my children were young I would buy a classroom-size box of Valentine cards when they are on sale after the holiday. Then I had fun using them throughout the year–in lunch boxes, under pillows, in a backpack…Such happy memories!

  9. Very well said. How else do we teach them they are loved and cherished by God unless we love and cherish them. None of us are perfect but such sweet little things are what make a memory.

  10. Thank you for sharing! Such a simple thing but oh so meaningful. I do believe it is the little things that they will remember. I hope to help them make those memories!

  11. Great idea! I have written notes to each of my children and husband and placed them at their seat at the dining room table before. Never thought about this, though. I’m always looking for fun little ways to let my children know that I really like them and really want to be with them. Can’t wait to try it out!

  12. You just spurred an idea in this mom who likes to sew. How about a pillow for each child with a pocket on the front in which I could put notes now & then? I have a few “orphan” quilt blocks which would serve the purpose. Also, we have an old mailbox on a post at the foot of the ladder to the kids’ treehouse – I need to make use of that! Thanks for getting the thinker going.

  13. great reminder! it is all too easy to forget to fill up their love tanks! i really need to be more intentional about doing that. love the pillowcase pocket idea! also might make something others would buy? 🙂 blessings jen in al

  14. Hi there!

    I have recently done two posts about “Love Connections”, just like this one of yours! I absolutely LOVE your clever title!! Hope you will pop by and come and read some of my ideas for connecting in little ways with our children.

    Take care,

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