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Ellia and Mallie…

Mallie can’t get enough of Ellia.  She thinks Ellia is a live baby doll, available for toting and doting at her whim.  I love the unadulterated love of a child for a baby.


And with a face like that, can you blame her?

mallie ellia-1

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  1. Mallie reminds me of this young, brilliant actress Isabelle Fuhrman. I’ve spoken with her several times (Isabelle, that is) and it is her unadulterated innocence and golden heart, plus her sweet and wild spirit that I adore, very much like Mallie’s here in its freedom and purity.

  2. Adorable little girls! Mallie’s dress is precious. How do you pronounce Ellia? It looks really pretty in print. I’m always looking for unique baby names to add to my list, and I love the way Ellia looks. You’re very blessed. I hope to one day have a couple (or more than a couple) beautiful little girls (a boy would be nice, too)!

  3. Alicia,

    Thank you. Ellia is pronounced “El-e-uh” with the accent on the first part. It is a variation on the Hebrew name “Eliana” which means “God has answered”.

  4. There’s something so special, in that first photo, about how Mallie has her hand behind Ellia’s back, very gently, just enough to make sure she doesn’t fall backwards. It’s as though she just has the intuition to do it “just right”. (Though I imagine it’s that you taught her how to do it, ha!) Beautiful all the way around.

  5. Tricia,

    Aw…that was a sweet observance. Mallie is standing here and I just read your comment to her. She smiled and said, “Yeah, that’s what I’m ‘posed to do”.

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