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What if Christians thought about their wombs the way God does…

“And the LORD said to her, two nations are in your womb…” Genesis 25:23

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  1. wow… that is so profound….. “nations”….
    Just think if we did all think that way, how we could impact future generations. A relative said something to me recently about how horrible society is anymore. She said, “I don’t know why anyone would want to bring a child into this terrible world.” And I said, “I think that is WHY we bring them into the world… to change it!”
    The more you bring into the world, the more arrows you have for spiritual warfare. Thank you so much for posting on this subject.

  2. You know, this verse was a statement for a specific incident. It doesn’t mean that all of us make nations from our wombs.

    I am, however, pro life and anti birth control, I just think that these kinds of arguments that aren’t relative hurt the cause rather than help it.

  3. It is amazing in scripture how the Lord uses the womb to accomplish his purposes. Even though this is a specific incident, I still think that it shows the profound implications that accepting children from the Lord has on the world.

  4. Mrs W,

    I think you missed the point of the post. Yes this was spoken to one person at one point in time. But if you think about it, the truth of it extends to us all. Every child that is born has the potential (given that they marry and also have children) to become a great “nation”. Each one of us came from someone, who came from someone, etc. Our reproductive choices reach beyond ourselves into the future of the world. We are the ancestors of the future nations of the world. We need to view our children this way. They are not just the curtain climbing, mud making children of today, but the leaders of the future. What do we want our future to look like? I’m hoping to fill it with people who know where they came from, who created them, and to Whom all glory is given.

  5. “You know, this verse was a statement for a specific incident. It doesn’t mean that all of us make nations from our wombs.”

    You took the words right out of my mouth.

  6. E and Mrs. W.,

    Interesting that you would think that. I’d say we are all a part of “making nations”. Study your family tree and get just a small glimpse of it. The sovereignty of God as it relates to the perpetuation of families is mind-blowing. Too bad you can’t see that and be in complete awe of life–and our part in it, and God’s sovereignty over it, which was the post’s only intent.

  7. They might not be literal nations, but the thought of what our descendents will do, and the impact they could have, is sobering and exciting at the same time. They could be world changers, and we may not even live to see the eternal impact.

    I know and love so many of my own cousins and even second cousins, and I pray for them regularly. I was thinking just this morning how I need to be praying for the future descendents coming from my family. I imagine there will be plenty of them since we have 10 kids and our first daughter is bringing forth our very own first grandbaby, Jacob, this June.

  8. I should say we WILL live to see the eternal impact, because of the resurrection. I’ve always said the thing I will enjoy most about Heaven, other than the presence of God himself, is to be able to listen to the stories from saints of many nations and generations — and see the connections of God’s sovereign hand weaving this little event to that monumental one. What legacy are we leaving for eternity?

    I saw my 21 daughter Julia holding a little baby on Sunday morning at church. The baby has a twin sister, and they were saved from abortion last year when a lady from our church went to the clinic to walk the sidewalks and pray. My precious daughter was there with her that day, and now they are seeing the fruit of standing for life. What will those little girls become in life?

  9. Virginia,

    Thank you…so true. I had a similar thought; that although the verse may not speak specifically to all women, still, we don’t know what God is doing, or through whom He will work (and believing He works through ALL his children, that alone is sobering), so the post was intended to simply share that God thinks beyond the present and we should too. As Rachel reminds, He sees beyond diapers and “can we afford it” to a much bigger picture and I think we would do well to ponder that fact.

  10. Yes, yes, and Amen…it’s ironic that our current President (who I cannot help but feel deep affection for – he is a person in the world, like we all are, and in a precarious position it would seem) is the child of a single feminist mother, absent foreign-citizen father, raised in large part by his grandmother…along with those social disadvantages, he is multi-ethnic (aren’t we all?), which some consider a disadvantage in itself.

    Interesting that Barack Obama’s mother (gratefully) chose life – did she know “a nation”, or the leadership of one, was in her womb? I hope – pray – he will recognize the importance of that fact for every child- even if they’re products of less than ideal circumstances, rather than continue as a purveyor of death. I could not agree with his policies less, but he is living proof that every person, from every circumstance, matters.

  11. Every child is a gift from God and a blessing to behold. I love each one of mine. But, what about the risk of death to the mother and child each time the pregnancy results in a c-section? How many children can be had with c-sections? and the health of the mother remain intact?

  12. Mrs. BW,

    I don’t know. I do know many women who have had multiple c-sections with no complications at all. A friend of mine who had 7 recently had a tubal ligation because of fear of her health. The doctor gave her no indication that she was in any danger…she is young and healthy. She is now sorely grieved over her decision and they are pursing adoption. All that to say, walk with wisdom, yes; but don’t over-think/worry about situation that isn’t even present. I could worry about the risk of my being killed in a car accident each time I go somewhere, leaving my children without a mother. It’s a real potential. But I also trust God’s sovereignty. I wear a seat belt, drive safely, and leave the rest.

  13. Wow! Post by cottagechild is AWESOME! to add one thing: If every Momma would understand that she just might be holding a “Nation” in her womb, then maybe she would raise them in the Lord, instead of loving things of this world, and trying to fit into this world.

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