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I had forgotten what a treasure the Lamplighter series of children’s books are.  I picked up Hedge of Thorns this morning and read a chapter to the children and was again delighted with the quality of the literature as well as the tremendous inspiration it offered.

“I remember kissing her [baby sister] soft hands; and from that time, my little sister became the object of my tenderest love and affection, and I waited with anxious expectation the happy time when I could take her on my Sabbath picnics near the castle of Hemlock Forest…and how happy I was when I had taught her to repeat her first prayer!”

The Lamplighter Rare Collector series are short, interesting books re-printed from the late 19th century, full of literary richness as well as the themes of godly character-building, most familiar to Christian families of the past.  They make great read-alouds!

Just wanted to offer some suggestions for those of you who are looking for great literature!

(By the way, I don’t benefit from suggesting these, I just like them ;-))

There are several sites who sell them, but Grace & Truth Books is the best price I have found.

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  1. I’ve never read any of these either to myself or to the children, but they look marvelous. Just the title “Boys of Grit” looks like something even my non-book-loving-boy might love!

  2. I LOVE that book! And this company. My other favorites:

    The Three Weavers
    Legend of the Bleeding Hearts
    The Highland Chairman
    The Bird’s Nest
    The Golden Thread
    The White Dove
    Rosa of Linden Castle
    A Basket of Flowers

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