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“I t is difficult to articulate all the things swirling around in my head that the Lord is showing me.  Everything I’ve read or heard lately seems to all tie together in an overarching connection that cannot be escaped.  Let me give credit to our Bible study teacher, Mark Travers, who helped articulate some of the thoughts in this post.

First this:

“…Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness.”  Galatians 3:6

Watch this….miss this one thing and we view the entire gospel with a skewed understanding…

It doesn’t say that Abraham’s belief *in* God is what gave him a righteous standing.  It was because he BELIEVED GOD.”

The difference is colossal.  Consider this:

“Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.”  James 2:19

Anyone can believe IN God.  But believing God requires action of faith.  When Abraham believed God, it was proven by the way he lived his life.  He acted on his belief of who God is and what God said.

Do we?  Faith in God changes the way we live–it just does!  If affects everything.

And not just that…He believed the hard things.  God commanded Abraham to do the hardest thing, hands down, that any human has ever been commanded–to take the life of his son.  (And we complain about what God asks of us?)  Abraham believed Him.  No questions.  No looking for anyone else’s opinion on the matter.  Just raw obedience to what seemed grossly unfair.

There is a new-age gospel running rampant.  Why? We don’t like unfair. And we’re incapable of holding a just God and a merciful God by the same hand. So we change His Word.  God forbid.  This new gospel is being swallowed like poison by the thousands.  Why?  Because  it is a whole lot of truth peppered with a few lies–Christians being deceived just like Adam and Eve were.  Remember?  The serpent didn’t make up a ridiculous story, it would have been too obvious.  He just asked questions mostly, until their thinking was just slightly off track, a subtle deception, and then THE FALL.

We must believe GOD.  We must believe what He says, who He is, what He has promised, and how He instructs us to live.  Be so discerning about what you hear!  We must be thinking Christians!

The grace of the gospel has been stripped of its power because we have stripped God of His character.  We try to serve a mutually exclusive God and Jesus. “Jesus is only love“, we say, “And God is fierce,and doesn’t like sin, so we’ll just keep Him hidden in the dusty pages of the Old Testament because that makes me feel better”.

No!  Jesus and God are the same and He can only be Love because He is Just! And I can only be accredited with righteousness by believing that.  My sin is an affront to a Holy God.  It’s written all through the pages of Scripture.  If I believe anything else, I believe no gospel at all.

My guilty record has been wiped clean because of His shed blood.  Absolutely. But that acquittal changes me.  It changes everything. I run out with new life and I shudder to remind him of the nails by my indifference to sin.  I obey Him because I love Him.  I love others because I love Him.  (“If you love Me….“)

Let me never be comfortable in my sin.  Sin I will.  Until I die.  But I pray for a heart that abhors it more and more.

“My Father, help me to believe You.  All of You.  Keep me from a false gospel that coddles my feelings.  Let the truth of Your gospel be enough–a balm to my soul!  I rejoice in Your love, Your justice, Your mercy and Your promises.  May it be as You say.”

This post is not just something I felt the need to “tell”.  It is a working in my own heart.  My children are still asleep. When they wake up, I will wash their feet.  I’ve never done that before.  The Lord spoke clearly to me about it last night.  I have sinned against them by my inconsistency, my impatience, my lack of gentleness.  I have repented to God. But I must make restoration with them.  I want them to see a contrite heart.

And please understand that I’m not writing that in some false humility.  I write it as a record, and as an encouragement.  I am a real mom, struggling daily to fight this weak,  flesh-wrapped body whose spirit is willing.  I really believe mothers–me and you–stand to receive the greatest attack of all.  We are building homes.  We are prone to be deceived.  If we can be deceived, Satan can win a household.  I am saying, and I hope you will say with me,

“Get thee behind me Satan–you may not have me or my children.”

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  1. I needed to hear this this morning. Thank you. I am really struggling with my upcoming reversal this Friday. I keep thinking about my 4 precious children and what if something were to happen to me. The Lord has spoken to me on this very issue using Abraham’s life. Not to make our children idols before Him. We are to love God more than anyone else. I really struggle with fear. Lord, increase my faith! Help my unbelief!

  2. Casey and I are just so humbled and convicted by what you have shared! thank you so much for your transparent heart. you all are such a blessing! ((hugs))jen

  3. “Get the behind me satan you can not have me or my children in Jesus name AMEN.”

    Thank you Kelly, as always you have touched my heart.

  4. Amen, Kelly.

    We must all be humbled before the Lord so that He can lift us up in His strength.

    Believing God means that we agree that we were designed to need Him, that we can do nothing apart from Him and regardless of impossible-seeming circumstances, we trust that His plan is forever good.

    Then, and only then, can we withstand the assault of our enemy.

    We wives/mothers need to all strive on our knees to be warriors who cheerfully serve and ceaselessly pray.

    Your family is in my prayers 🙂

  5. Thanks for the thoughts Kelly. There is a lot in here. I have no problem abhoring others…mine, well, I have a lot of excuses.

  6. Before I read this yesterday, my husband looked in my eyes (I have been sinfully anxious and ultimately not trusting God, eventhough He has revealed himself to us time and time again regarding my husband’s very soon deployment)…

    and reminded me of God calling Abraham and he believed and it was credited to him as righteousness. My husband locked his eyes with mine (both sets now teary) and encouraged me as he reminded of Abraham’s relationship with the Lord and his personal circumstances, and reminded me to trust in God.

    I love how He just blessed me with His word, the same word. Twice. He knew I needed it. He is so faithful, even when I am sinful and faithless!!!

  7. Also…
    your thoughts and convictions are so piercing to my heart, as I too am convicted of the inconsistency, impatience, and lack of gentleness…i would even go as far to say speaking to my children through my tone, words, and actions that i despise them.

    I will pray for you and your children’s restoration. I will pray for you as the enemy must see you as a mighty threat as you love your family, and prick and encourage so many of us out here.

  8. Mandi,

    Thanks so much for sharing that…it really is amazing how God takes the time to reveal Himself so plainly, isn’t it?

    We are praying for the upcoming test for your family….and we can’t wait to walk beside you through it 😉

  9. Thank you. This is a hard truth for me right now. We are dealing every second with the “not fair.” Our 3 1/2 month old went to be with Jesus in September. And on top of the grief we are now dealing with all the fallout that our other 3 are facing. I need to be reminded that God is who he says he is, no matter how I feel, or what is going on in my house. I need the faith to say, “Your will be done.” So thanks for the reminder today.

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