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A mom’s got to multi-task, it’s just that simple.  And the more kiddos that are in the house, the more creative she has to be.  I’m always looking for ways to improve my efficiency and stay on top of everything.  Yesterday I wanted to do some light (and I mean VERY light) exercising, but it was hard to see where it was going to fit in.

The chores were done, we had done some reading and had listened to an audio on World History.  It was time for the older ones to do their written school work, and I find this is the time when I have to balance the little ones with the other things on my to do list.

While I don’t feel it necessary to set aside a specific amount of time each day per child, I do think it’s important to spend some focused time with one or two at a time periodically.  Sometimes that looks like an extended walk to the mail box with one or  a “nuggle on the bed” with a book, or a dialogue about mashed potatoes during  meal preparation.

In order to exercise and stretch a bit AND work in some toddler time, I called my two youngest into my bedroom with me to give the others some quiet time.  We first sat on the floor (stretches) and sang “He’s got the whole world in His hands” and a few other fun songs that I think I have forgotten to teach them 😉

Then, we stood up and marched to “Father Abraham” and yes, that constituted my exercise for the day…(hey, I take what I can get–I marched really big, OK?).

But the smiles and laughter and shining eyes during those few moments tied heart strings.  And that is time well spent.


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  1. Multi-tasking, very necessary around here. Four children ages five and younger, the youngest only being four weeks old, we know how to do this well. Last night I was nursing the baby, making dinner, and quizing my second oldest on the Bible story we read earlier. (You should see my killer bi-ceps from nursing baby in one arm and doing something esle with the other at the same time 🙂 Maybe I could make a nursing mom workout video, you know, in my spare time!

  2. Kelly, can you share what “photo program” you use to edit your photos? I love the effects you use! Thanks, Heather

  3. so sweet…and even if you had ’em, you couldn’t take rock hard abs to Heaven anyway. Better to exercise with the little ones while you can!

  4. Such a sweet post Kelly 🙂 I think I should try the ‘Father Abraham exercise routine’. I figure if I can keep up with my three little boogers 3yrs and under then I’m getting plenty of exercise. (At least I feel better thinking that way 😉

  5. i wish i could find it, but i read an article recently about how an active, involved mom is actually getting a very good workout! running with (and after)kids, lifting, etc are all ideal cario and strectch and muscle building exercises… so i think it’s funny that so many moms would rather dump their kids at a babysitter and pay to hit the gym!

  6. ok, an addendum, i guess the ‘mommy workout’ isn’t going to give you angelina jolie’s body, so maybe we also need to work on our concept of ‘real expectations of beauty’? lol

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