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I got such an encouraging email from one of my readers, I wanted to share it to encourage you.  Haven’t we all been here a time or two?  Is not this our battle with the powers against the darkness?  If Satan can’t get us to neglect our homes altogether, he will try to discourage us to the point of being unfruitful.  That’s why we must renew our minds, take every thought captive, and cry out to Him who is able to sustain us!

From Terry…

“I have been very discouraged in the Lord and homeschooling. Just weary and tired. Snapping at the children, not living my life with abundant joy. No time for the Word or quiet time spent with the Lord. All came to a head yesterday afternoon – a friend called and I just broke. Told her how I have been feeling (wanting to quit homeschooling – although knowing that is NOT an option), house not in order. She didn’t try to fix things – just listened and prayed for me and told me she was committing to pray for me for the whole day. Finished my day still sad and discouraged. Did not sleep well at all. At about 1am my husband finally went to sleep on the couch because I was tossing and turning all night (uncomfortable with my big belly).

At exactly 6:00 am on my alarm clock I heard a loud audible (I was in a hazy sleep) voice say, “Terri”. I jumped out of bed and came to living room because I thought my husband had called me. He was fast asleep. I walked around the house a couple times to figure out who called. I went back to my room and sat on the bed and then that still small voice inside me beckoned me to spend time with Him. I was overwhelmed!! I was in a yucky place, not seeking the Lord and yet He reached out to me and called me to Him and comforted me. I made some hot tea and sat on the couch so I could spend some time in the Word. He led me to Psalm 51:12-14 “Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, and uphold me by Your generous Spirit” . The words were all new, fresh and written just to me. Then the next verse “THEN I will teach transgressors Your ways, and sinners shall be converted to You.” I have been striving to do all in my strength, thinking a better chore chart or schedule or whipping the children into shape would fix all my problems. I need His generous Spirit to uphold me. I wake up feeling behind and then shove the kids with “school” – math, phonics, science. And yet, I am their school. They are learning of me – THEN I will TEACH transgressors (yes, unfortunately that describes some of my children) Your ways!!!
> I look to so many other things to fix my discouragement – charts, lists, new curriculum and yet He is my hope!!”

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  1. Oh, Kelly! I REALLY needed to read that. I have been so very discouraged lately. It seems as though God hasn’t been listening, as though He has turned a deaf ear to me. And He has spoken to me through another Terri! How wonderful is He!

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