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Wouldn’t it be really funny if I announced that I’m really not pregnant–I just played a fun hoax? 

No, I guess that wouldn’t be funny.

Why don’t we have one, big, collective, “You’re still pregnant??!!” and just get it over with.

Or, the stranger in public’s favorite comment…”You look like you’re about to burst!”  (Followed by, “Is this your first baby?”  That’s always a fun question.)

I’m not a patient person.  This has been quite a trying weekend, but then I remember, it’s not even my due date yet!

I guess the enormous weight (up to 50 lbs. now–all settled precariously on my pelvis) made me think surely I’d go early.  And who knows…today would technically be “early”, and there’s a lot of day left 😉

Every time I take a shower I pray, “OK, Lord, I don’t want to have to shave my legs again until I can see them.”

But alas, He gives me strength for another round.

It’s a frustrating, wildly exciting, exhausting time.  But the end is very close, and I’m just trying to enjoy watching my belly take on all the unusual shapes, marveling at the mystery of loving this little person whom I haven’t even met.

I know many of you are praying…I can’t tell you the comfort and thrill it is to know that.  Your comments/emails have been more encouraging than you know, and I WILL remember them as I walk through labor.

Hoping to give some news soon…today would be a great day for a baby 😉

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  1. You know, I think the extra weight (especially in the summer) can really make us impatient. I gained 35 lbs. with my daughter, delivered in July (late) and was fine. This time, I gained about 45 lbs with my son, delivered in May, but the extra weight REALLY got to me, and I was thinking I’d deliver WEEKS early…to my dismay, I was late again. Patience was much harder with hugely swollen legs and ankles and all that weight. I’ll be praying in empathy for you, Kelly.


  2. For your sake, Ms. Kelly, you better not be playing a joke on us. I would really hate to have to come to your house and whoop a sister. In love, of course 😉 Always in love 🙂

  3. The woods are lovely, dark and deep
    But I have promises to keep
    And miles to go before I sleep
    And miles to go before I sleep

    Two weeks ago I was 4 days past my due date, and now I’m holding my sweet 2 week old daughter, reveling in her tiny kicks to my abdomen but still remembering (with a sigh) how they felt from the inside.

    Happy laboring, mama!

  4. God bless you.
    Perhaps one of those little squirt bottles with cool water in it would help.
    A little mist spray here and there.
    Soon this will be a sweet memory and you’ll find yourself missing being pragnant!!!
    This too shall pass…grins

  5. I always have a harder time dealing with other’s expectation when I’m at term than my own. I feel like I’m disappointing them and I think I could handle the discomfort better if there wasn’t the additional pressure from others. Unfortunately, my husband is the worst offender and I consistently am a 41+ kind of gal.

    If I was to offer you any advice it would be to steer clear of further Baucham posts for now 😀 (As much as I enjoy them) If I was you, the stress from handling that post alone would have kept me pregnant!

  6. Those comments are why I try not to go out in public toward the end of pregnancy. This last pregnancy was the worst…I was carrying twins, so the “You look like you’re about to burst” comments started at month 6. By the end, all people would do was stare and ask, “Twins?” They were born at 39 weeks and were 6lb13oz and 7lb6oz…I was huge.

    Hang in there. This is always the worst and then you will have that sweet, sweet baby to hold. And really, people should have filters installed on their mouths!

  7. You’ve been on my mind today, ALOT, so I thought I’d see if you’d had your baby yet. You have been through this many times, so you know….enjoy…you’re only 10 months pregnant (9?) times! 🙂 (big hug) We’re praying for you!
    ps-in all 4 of my births, after the first week of sleepless nights I always asked myself, “What WAS my hurry?”

  8. Quinn & Elizabeth,

    You’re right..It is funny how such light comments can create pressure. I don’t why that is. I threatened my family this time–they’ll sometimes tease me (kind of) by calling and saying…”Wed. or Thur. is not a good day for me–hay on the ground”. Or, “Well if you could wait until Saturday because….”

    This go round has had a very real pressure for me. A dear friend (mom of 10 who loves assisting child births) had offered a few weeks ago to be my labor coach. Once I got used to that idea, I have felt so much more relaxed and confident. BUT, my friend has to leave with her family to go out of town tomorrow morning! So I had prayed earnestly to go before she had to leave, but it looks like the hours are winding down.

    His ways are not always our ways, and today He has given me more and more peace about his timing…my husband and I will be meeting with the couple tonight for “pointers” 😉 Looks like we’ll be going at it without a doula after all!

  9. Kelly,
    I am praying God will rain down His peace, comfort, wisdom and discernment on your hubby and you. And For God’s Spirit to fill your room as you labor and deliver. Praying for another miraclous birth with no complications. And praying for The Everlasting Father to guide you both in timing.
    When God shows up, He’ll be a better doula than you guys could have hoped for!

  10. i’m ashamed to say the last person who asked me that question when I had my last baby (wet to 41 weeks) “no, I am part kangaroo and i’m now carrying my baby in a pouch” I got annoyed when every sunday someone would ask me that question or “when are you going to have that baby?”

  11. Now Kelly, you don’t need a doula or labor coach! You’ve done this enough times, and I can say for a fact – I was scared about trying to go all natural, but it really was the best birth out of all 4.

    IMO – extra people would only add to the stress, but that’s just me. All those nurses coming in for no apparent reasons. Plus, not sure if you’ll be having visitors?

    Remember the link you posted awhile back about birth? I loved it, and the atmosphere it talked about is just what you need.

    Keep it calm and simple, try to keep nurses out for the most part – most (not all) won’t follow your birthing approach, lights dim, walk and rock your hips, zone yourself out – that’s how I’d have a perfect setting.

    Take the phone off the hook, and hold off visitors – focus on your task.

    You could always stop by here and have a homebirth – LOL!

    (Sorry we missed coming out last week, I really wanted to see you! I thought we’d be neighbors once again, but God has other plans.)

  12. Bless your heart, Kelly.
    Commiserating with you over here (although I’ve been so exhausted this time around I’m kind of glad that all I have to do to take care our precious little bundle is eat right and keep the bigger ones from pouncing on my middle.)
    Still praying that you have an uneventful delivery (and that you get some pleasant, refreshing rest beforehand.

  13. I used to get annoyed, as well, by all the questions. I got to the point that when people asked me if it was my first (I have ten), I wanted to lie. Though I didn’t, it finally occurred to me that people didn’t mean any harm by their questions. New babies provoke those kinds of comments.

    Think about it. At no other time in your life, other than when you’re pregnant, would anyone have the chutzpah to come up and rub your stomach, kiss your stomach, put their ear up to it, or ask you how much weight you’ve gained!


  14. Yes, I am feeling with you all of those emotions and frustrations in the last days of pregnancy. I thought with my last one (the 4th) that things would be better, but she made me wait 10 days past her due date! Hoping that your wait is almost over!

  15. I was blessed to have my first sweet baby girl 6 days ago! But I did go ten days overdue, and I got so many of the same comments… and I had to grit my teeth not to make a sassy comeback 🙂 I’ll be praying for you and your little one!!

  16. Oh Kelly,
    Every day is a nice day for a baby!
    Been praying for you and yours. Very exciting to see 1 day to go on the counter!
    Bless you.

  17. See a chiropractor. Seriously, he/she will either align everything so you go into labor OR you’ll feel so good afterwards you won’t mind staying pregnant a little longer.

    That’s how I felt when I saw my chiropractor a week before my last baby was born. 🙂

  18. Man, Daja. I wish I could see your chiro. I go to one regularly, and he helps, but I never feel *that* much better after a single visit. 😛

  19. I’m due Thursday and am getting the same questions 🙂 But, Im loving being able to tell people Im due Thursday instead of measuring it in weeks now! I also love the “is this your first?” Its great watching expressions when I tell them that its my 4th…considering I still look like a teenager. Praying for your (and my, ha!) labor to come quicklY!!!!! Cant wait to see your birth announcement posted!

  20. Love these comments 😉

    Daja, we talked about a chiropractor just tonight…I’m very tempted…pelvis is almost debilitating at this point. But if I go, I’m getting acupuncture too 😉

  21. I’m getting the twins question just about every day from someone. When I tell them it’s only one and not due until Sept. they always make me feel so great by how “big” I am. Gee Thanks…I’ve only gained about 15 pounds so far, what’s the deal????

  22. I’m chuckling (trying to) reading this post and the ensuing comments – I am only 25 weeks with my seventh (term) baby, and people “can’t BELIEVE” I have 3 1/2 more months to go! Oh, poor thing, etc., etc. Sigh. Like I said, I’m trying to chuckle.

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