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How much longer now?!

You know you’re pregnant when:

  • You wouldn’t bend over to pick up less than $5.00 off the floor.
  • You consider launching a protest at the Wal-Marts that do not have maternity parking, but obviously picketing would be much harder than walking the extra steps.
  • Regarding parking spaces:  you find yourself praying for a close one–and if you didn’t have this ravenous appetite, you would have considered fasting over it.
  • You cry because your husband “doesn’t understand you”  (read:  he came home without a gallon of ice cream.)
  • You think your feet are swollen, but you have no proof because you can’t see them.
  • You thought taking a bath was a great idea…until you tried to get out of the bath tub.

Do you have a line?  I need humor.

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  1. . . .when you feel like you are standing in 2 counties at once!

    I LOVE being pg, but (almost) 2 weeks pp feels really good! (Kelly, I just posted his pics on my blog. Come see!)

  2. …you have to sit up before rolling over.

    …you start asking others to go pee for you.

    …you wake up thinking “not last night, maybe today” and go to sleep thinking “not today, maybe tonight.”

    …your praying for pain.

    I’ve been reading for a few months, but your quest for humour has brought me out.

    We’re 11 weeks into baby #5. Looking forward to the tummy to settle down and the kicking to start.

    I had the first two with an epi and the last two without. The deliveries without drugs were so much faster (17 to 20 hours faster) and…better.

    BTW, it looks like you’ve dropped! (Might be the camra angle.)

  3. You know you’re pregnant when….

    You have to stand side on to use the ATM machine

    You ask little old ladies to pick up items on the bottom shelves at the supermarket

    The automatic sliding doors at the store open before you have even come close to the entrance

    Your toddler goes up to men with ‘beer bellies’, points and says ‘Baby in there!’

    This last one actually happened to me , I don’t know who was more embarrassed… me or the rather big bellied man, hopefully it inspired him to go on a diet!

  4. You really, really want a huge cheeseburger with all the works with a side of a thick creamy milkshake,
    But because all of your internal organs are smushed into unusual places there really isn’t any space to hold much more than eight ounces of orange juice…
    But your brain is in such a mushed state you go for it anyway…
    (I guess I’m telling on myself)

  5. When you have to wake up your husband to help you roll over in bed.

    When you subject yourself to things you never thought you would, In hope of trying to inflict the worst pain you can imagine. (i.e. walking 8 laps around the giant mall of america while 2 days overdue, with your hips in agony and your feet swollen…because you just want to be in labor…)

    You start to wonder if you should get the baby house warming gifts, because its obvious he has taken up permanent residency.

    Your ribs feels like a xylophone.

    You feel a sneeze coming on and assume the ‘position’ so that your ligaments don’t cause a terrible amount of pain.

    You are accustomed to the stares you get because you are wearing flip flops in the dead of winter, with no jacket, because, well your feet are swollen and you feel HOT.

    doing dishes becomes a sport, because you cannot get close enough to the sink.

    People mistake your new baby bump for leftover weight from the previous pregnancy, because surely she isn’t pregnant again. (has more to do with closely spaced children)

    When you find yourself no longer able to submerge your entire body in the bathwater, so decide to wet a hand towel and place over your stomach so it won’t get cold.

    I could go on…lol, but I will spare you my bad jokes 😀

  6. You look sooo cute pregnant!
    Mine was :
    When you repeatedly jump off the bottom step of your stairs and keep yelling “It’s time to come out!!”
    Don’t try it-it didn’t work. 🙁 And my husband questioned my ability to parent. ;}

  7. I feel for you. Toward the end of my last preg, I remember crawling up our stairs a couple times because of hip and back pain.
    And getting stuck on the floor after building block stairs with my toddler.
    And hoping my bladder wouldn’t betray me as I shuffled my way to the bathroom at midnight…

  8. Kelly,
    just try to enjoy it.My last pregnancy ended 5 weeks before my due date.You never know when or if you’ll be in this place/stage of life again.I am remembering you and your baby in my prayers.

  9. when there’s one pair of shoes left that fits (either flip-flops or sandals

    when you dread going to places where people are going to say “Are you STILL pregnant?”

    when you see ladies in cute summer outfits and sandals, you look down at your huge belly and swollen legs and want to cry (OK, this was me 3 summers ago, when I had a late June baby)

    when you know where every bathroom is in every store in town

    You look great Kelly! Looking forward to the live birth blog from your friend! Hope it’s soon. 🙂

  10. You wouldn’t bend over to pick up $5, but having become quite adept at picking things up with your toes, you snag it that way and end up with a charley horse.

    I’m getting so excited for you! You look fantastic although I know you don’t feel that way. Praying the Lord would continue to sustain you through the next few emotionally turbulent days.

  11. So true and I can totally feel you. I have 6 weeks until my due date. I hope your little one comes soon, like today 🙂

  12. These have been so fun to read!!!

    Would you believe I’ve been up since 2 am, with contractions, thinking I was in labor–bags by the door, shower–the works. THEN, everything stopped. Does it get more frustrating? Now trying to have a “normal” day, whatever that is 😉

    Praying for labor to start again. Drinking red raspberry tea and black cohosh.

  13. I don’t have a line, but your post reminded me to let you know that those automatic wheelchairs at Walmart were invaluable when I was 9+ mo pregnant with Desi – It hurt to stand in one place for any length of time – I had to keep moving…but my husband is one that likes to stand there, compare prices, and write down the price of the item before moving on to the next thing…
    I used the chair – saved me alot of knee pain. Takes a bit to learn to drive it though – I had near accidents with 2 carts and almost knocked over a display because my steering was slightly “off” LOL

  14. Yes! I love the electric carts at Walmart. It’s sad that when I get to 8.5 – 9 months, I won’t shop anywhere that doesn’t have them lol.

  15. By the way, our one and only car is in the shop, and I’m craving Taco Bell, we don’t have public transport in this city and Taco Bell is not within walking distance. I need Taco Bell!

  16. contractions, huh? That’s exciting…maybe you’ll go very soon then.

    One thing that frustrates me is when I lean over to pick something up and have to bounce back down about 3-4 times until I actually have a hold of it and can pick it up. argh

    You look great. Hang in there, we’re all rooting for ya!


  17. You know you’re pregnant when you decide to scrub the kitchen floor on hand and knees, braless, because you heard that the stimulation could start labor. I was 5 days overdue, tried this and was in labor 1/2 hour after the floor was done!!

  18. You know you’re prego when…

    You don’t need a tray to eat in front of the TV.

    You don’t make plans for next week hoping you have to rest up with your new baby.

    You decide which car to ride in on how easy it is to fall out of (I alwasy pick the van ’cause I can end up on my feet. Sedans leave me on my hands and knees).

    We’ll be praying for you.

    (Mom to eight)

  19. You know you are pregnant, when you can balance your cup of tea on your tummy and it makes your little ones laugh.
    I am 11 weeks pregnant with #8, looking forward to my tummy with mixed emotions, almost like a love-hate relationship?
    Your blog is so refreshing, full of Godly truths in a perverse generation!
    Praying for you for quick birth and healthy mommy and baby.
    Lots of love

  20. Fun with a pregnant belly:

    When baby is active place something (like a bottle of lotion) on top and entertain the elder siblings with how baby can make it “dance”. My kids loved that, for some reason, and it only works during the last month or so, when baby has run out of room.

  21. I am going to be posting a picture of my belly on my blog today, in case you want to see an even fatter pregnant belly, Mrs Kelly.

  22. I am at 21 weeks, and I think you look great!

    You know you are pregnant when:
    You post a picture of yourself that you would not post otherwise?

    I stopped by to say MANY THANKS! for linking to Gleaning the Harvest and displaying our banner!
    Thanks to your readers for clicking over.
    I hope many will spread the word!


  23. You know you are pregnant when:

    You have to put vaseline on your thighs to keep the fat from rubbing together and chaffing! 🙂

    Oh wait, maybe that’s just me! LOL!

    Hope your baby comes soon! It’s fun to check in everyday to see if he/she is here. I’m 28 weeks! Hope to be in your position soon!

    Jess in Peru

  24. You know you are pregnant when:

    You have to put vaseline on your inner thighs to keep the fat from rubbing together and chaffing! 🙂

    Oh wait, maybe that’s just me! LOL!

    Hope your baby comes soon! It’s fun to check in everyday to see if he/she is here. I’m 28 weeks! Hope to be in your position soon!

    Jess in Peru

  25. Jess in Peru, that sounds genius. I must share an equally brilliant tip: No one will know if you are wearing shorts as underwear.

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