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“In the marriage ceremony a woman vows that she will keep herself unto her husband as a woman in all the aspects of womanliness.  She is building a home when her womanliness, her sexuality, is such that not only her husband knows and can safely trust in her, but all the world knows–if they know her at all–that ‘there is a woman who belongs to one man’.

She does not flaunt her womanliness in the eyes of men in a flirtatious manner or in any other way that would cast down the image that she is the faithful wife of one man in all that she is as a woman.

It is so important that we do not say one thing in our vows and another thing in our lives.  It is so important when we have vowed to be faithful to Jesus Christ that in all of our lives bef0re the world we show forth that faithfulness.  If we vow faithfulness to Jesus Christ and do not show it forth, we live a lie.

The woman lies who vows at the marriage altar faithfulness to her husband–to the degree that she exerts her power over other men even in a minor matter, even in an “innocent”, flirtatious manner, even in the manner of her dress that she advertises to other men the peculiar relationships of her womanhood that belong only to her husband; to that extent, I say, she lives a lie.  I say this because it must be said in days like these.  I say it pleadingly, though I say it authoritatively, on the basis of the Word of God;  she who regards this thing in wisdom builds her house; she who disregards this–no matter how outwardly faithful she may be–tears it down with her hands.”      –R.J.  Rushdoony

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  1. I love this excerpt; thanks for sharing, Kelly! A good reminder, too, as I’m about to head down to Los Angeles for three days for a wedding, and I know I’m going to look very odd in my modest (though totally normal and modern) dress. It’s nice to have the encouragement before heading out.

  2. My DH has actually thanked me for dressing modestly (I don’t have my chest hanging out, don’t wear real short shorts or skirts, don’t wear tight clothes). He says he appreciates that I don’t dress like I’m “on the prowl for a man” (his words).

    We were at a local school event, which prompted his comments. I could not believe how some of the moms were dressed!

    Thanks for your comments/posts on this issue. 🙂 Checking your blog every day to see if there’s any labor news yet!

  3. This reminded me of my honeymoon nearly 22 years ago I brought what I thought was seductive clothing intended to please my husband. I have to say I was very young and silly when I married I was not quit eighteen. Anyway my husband took me shopping and bought all new clothing for me no heels, no short skirts, no tight shirts.I was upset at the time although I didn’t tell him.He told me later that evening that the heels and short skirt was for his eyes only he didn’t want to share me with others.I now thank God he gave me a wise and devoted husband.When I see married woman dressing the way I did then I feel sad and wonder if they feel thier looks is all they have to offer.

  4. This may be just a bit off track. It struck me recently while studying birds with my children how it is the male animal that attracts the female. The male fluffs his feathers, sings a song, does a little dance. Even in nature God has shown that it is the man who works to attract the female and not the other way around.

  5. Kelly,

    I am glad that you shared this quote. I have been working-on having a more modest approach when I go out into the public arena. It’s not easy, but I know it will bring glory to Heavenly Father.

    BTW, I noticed that you took the baby-ticker off your blog. How are you doing? I hope that you are doing well.

  6. Lady S.,

    I’m better–counting the days. I didn’t remove the ticker–it’s still visible from my browser (11 days!) I don’t know why you can’t see it???

  7. I thought you had removed it too. I have had tons of problems getting your site to come up at all since you moved … but chalked it up to an old computer and dial-up service. Quite thankful that you publish the whole thing via RSS so I can get them on Google Reader. My best friend (no internet at all) though has greatly missed the articles that I was copying for her to read at home.

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