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I’m going to resume our “Enterprising Family”  series next week, but I wanted to post a more thoughtful meditation for the weekend.  I loved this post Jess (from Making Home) wrote about suffering.  May it bless and encourage you.

“We live in a time in the world where you can pretty much set yourself up to have quite an easy life….

  • Don’t like the city you live in? Move!
  • Don’t like your spouse? Get a new one.
  • Don’t like your car? Trade it in!
  • Friendship get uncomfortable? “Defriend” them (on Facebook) and avoid all contact.
  • Don’t like the inconvenience of pregnancy? Avoid the hassle through any number of available methods!
  • Don’t like your boss? Put in your notice and look elsewhere.
  • Don’t like the service you received? Complain!
  • Don’t like feeling variances in temperature? Set your thermostat so you always have it precisely where you like it.
  • Don’t get along with someone at your church? Find a new one.

And on and on it could go.

But there’s just one problem with this– as Christians, God has built suffering into our lives for good and godly and GLORIOUS purposes:

Read the rest…

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