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Had to post…I encourage you to also.

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  1. thanks for posting this 15 month old Alexandra pulled up a chair and was in complete agreement with Dave..she was very amused, I was not and it sounds like Hugo Chavez is on the loose in Washington D.C.

  2. Love it! I don’t do business with either one, but I WILL not in the future either. Thanks for the great post!

  3. 1) technically, gov’t run capitalism is facism

    2) the US military isn’t efficiently run, it wastes billions of dollars and thousands of lives

    But I agree with his strategy! Thanks for the post.

    Our govt is insane! What can we do to fight this? My husband and I have called our “reps” and they do nothing!! Are we supposed to turn in our SS# next? Camp out on the steps of the Capitol Building? What can we do other than call politicians who could care less about what is going on?
    This is OUR govt!! We have to do something!!

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