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She just cracks me up…wondering if anyone has heard of/read this book? I respect a whole lot of what Dr. Laura has to say…hoping this book is a real encouragement. I may have to get it!

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  1. I love her – don’t always agree, she can be a little knee-jerk (and I’m the original overreactor), but she’s right on the money with this one. The notion that any child is better off in daycare than with his mom is a sad bill of goods, sold to women, by other women. It’s amazing how many damaging and oppressive concepts are, curiously enough, the ideas of women. Day care, abortion on demand, distorted body image – products purveyed by women, in the name of “choice”.

    I was a closet stay-at-home in my first daughters early months….even now, 7 years and two more children later, my friends and family still ask me when I’m going “back to work”. It would make me laugh if it wasn’t so sad.

  2. My husband and I both work but we don’t do day care/babysitting/nannies/whatever you want to call it. One of us is always with our kid. That was of utmost importance to us.

    We have some friends (a childless couple) who actually told us we were HARMING our daughter by not having her in daycare! Eye roll. Even before we had kids, this woman told me that being a SAHM mom was a “waste of an education” and “not good for the kid.”

    Well, they are now expecting their first any day now. Guess what. Suddenly, day cares don’t look so great anymore! lol. That cracks me up.

    I think parents should raise their children, not strangers. 🙂

  3. marybt…

    It is indeed a sad deception that so many have been convinced that day care is actually *good* for a child, where his own parents are not–it’s ludicrous, and against our very nature.

    (There are even secular studies honest enough to say, “No, daycares are not *good* for children…parents are preferrable.)…as if we should have to have studies confirm something so obvious and natural.

  4. It’s really hard to take seriously a woman who wears a mint green suit. 😉

    How about the model of a father who is also active in a child’s upbringing and well-being? Who gets enough time off work to contribute to taking care of a child? This works very well in the families I know of who practice it. The object was to get some parity, not to stick children in daycare.

  5. Mother of Dog, you crack me up – I didn’t even notice her suit until you pointed it out – I immediately got defensive because I am STILL, to this day, defending a pair of mint green linen pants as sage, because I paid way to much for them. My husband keeps asking when my pink and yellow ones are going to arrive so I’ll have the butter mint set. LOL

  6. I actually agree with Dr Laura in some of her points–although I think she is a mean person. I was on a road trip and she came on and she was just plain nasty to the poor saps who called in. Maybe somehow they enjoy getting beaten up verbally, but I had to flick it off because it just made me sick to my stomach.

    Overall, though, over the course of a lifetime having an engaged, parenting dad and a family support system is the ideal scenario. I’d love to go back to work at least part time eventually, and my husband would like to be in a place in his career to be home more. I’ve been so honored to be home these years, and I’ve never felt good about paid childcare, but as the kids get older the work of parenting is more of a shared endeavor with my spouse and that feels best of all.

  7. I used to think children being babysat by their grandparents wasnt a good option either. But I now do see instances where this is actually a decent choice….over day care. I only wish my children had more time with their grandparents, but grandparents even get caught up in the ratrace of life sometimes….my niece was watched my my parents a lot when she was little (she is 19 now) and she is still ridiculously close to them…which can be a good thing as they still hold morals and values in a general sense. I do not think sisters watching each others children is so bad either. It can be a good option if one is needed. I have my sisters daughter a lot (4 years old), and she is one of my own girls to me. I am not saying I replace her mother, or that I could even replicate exactly what she needs from her own mother…but I can still be a huge blessing, and have a deeper relationship with my niece…

  8. I ordered the book from my library so I ‘ll let you know what it’s like. I like her other book “The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands” although you have to skip over a few words.

  9. She was on Focus on the Family yday and the day before (April 7 & 8). Dh heard it before me and went to get me the book but couldnt find it out yet 🙁 Anyways, I heard yday's interview but not the first days. Ydays was really good though…..and so politically incorrect! I love it!

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