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My friend, Jane, just pointed me to this blog–Down to Earth. (BTW, stay tuned for a very interesting look at how Jane, mother of 9 has almost cut her power bill in half!)

You need to jump over to Down to Earth and read Rhonda’s post “Return of the Homemaker”. You’ll be glad you did!

“We are independent in that we know how to look after ourselves, to grow food and make a comfortable home, and we are free in that we owe no debt. And there are many people who look at us and say how much they admire what we do and wish to do the same, but if truth be told, we are just enacting the role of the homemaker where we make do, repair, cook, bake and clean, using what some might see as old-fashioned techniques, but within a modern context….

As modern homemakers we have the power of our shopping dollars, we have the power of our technology, and we can choose to see the work of our homes are challenging, satisfying and enriching. You can make your home a place of contentment and comfort. You can change the way you think of housework and see it as an investment in your family’s well being. You will be very influential in seeing your entire family through this economic crisis. What you learn now and what you already know could very well mean make or break for your family.”

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  1. I think that was a very encouraging and positive way to state what Jane did.

    I do feel I have been blessed in that homemaking comes somewhat ‘natural’ to me. I like to clean, cook, decorate, learn new things to benefit the family.

    My next conquest is a garden. I have never had enough time to really learn how to begin, and when i search online it either looks difficult or expensive…I just wanna get seeds and dig holes. Hahahaha! I even tried planting a ‘garden mix’ of wildflowers, and most of it was WEEDS. My outdoors needs some TLC. While I really dont care how things look, as far as homes or yards go….I do enjoy creating and experimenting with my artisitc side.

    I should take a picture of the dump out back and post it on my blog and cry for help like Kelly did. It seems to work!

    To locate my daughters camera…..hmmm….

  2. I love her blog, she is one of those women that I hope to have alot in common with one day soon. She reminds me alot of my grandmother, who also keeps in practice many traditions of self sufficiency that ladies used to take for granted. She’s definitely what I would consider a Titus 2 or Proverbs 31 woman 🙂

  3. thanks so much for this link… i’d never heard of rhonda jean until this week, and now i think i want to be her best friend!

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