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I envy those of you who have discipline and order in your veins–it’s not in mine. A friend asked me the other day, “How do you do it all“. My surprised response? “Oh my goodness, I DON’T!

I feel like my life work comes in waves; I focus on projects in spurts of time, so that other things often get ignored–like my house.

Don’t get me wrong–we “clean”. But with a big family, cleaning house involves more picking up than anything else, and it seems we hardly ever get past the surface.

So, when my sweet, steady, biggest-concern-of-the-day-is-clean-underwear husband gently asked me, “Honey, what can I do to help you?” I knew that was my sign.

In God’s providence, he sent Olivia again, my “house cleaning angel”, just on the exact day that I woke up resolved to be a better manager of my home. She, I, and my daughters got to work (the boys went with Dad to artificially inseminate the cow–eh, maybe that subject on another day.)

Of course an event like this can’t be left unblogged ;-D So, while it may be TMI for you (Aaron said, “Are you sure you want to put this on your blog?”), I thought I’d share a sneak peek at a few areas we tried to tackle. I’ll spread them out over several days to keep from boring you to tears. I’m hoping you’ll find some small inspiration (and relief)???

(By the way, the classical music playing in the background wasn’t planned for the video 😉 It’s what my daughter does when she needs cleaning inspiration.)

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  1. I feel overwhelmed like that every month and I only have two babies. 🙂 We did just move, but that excuse only lasts for so long. You must get so overwhelmed. It’s the picking everything up that drives me crazy too. It’s like going in circles everyday.

    My kids (ds2,dd1) are just learning and need lots of encouragement to help and reminders about where they are not allowed to play. I’ve started that suggestion you made about being more aware that someone has to clean a mess if it is made. But at ds age it’s just getting written on his heart and mind. He’s not to the point where it makes a difference. Perseverance.

    I always mention to dh whenever the daily catastrophe strikes (like 5 lbs of flour in the living room when I get a phonecall or messie diapers spread all over the sheets at naptime)…”don’t you just want another one!” To which we both chuckle because we have no idea how we are going to do it if we are blessed with another one. But then the Lord hasn’t blessed us with three yet so I guess we don’t have the grace for three…or eight… YET 😉

    Good luck! You will feel GREAT once it’s done.

    (couldn’t see the video either, but i’m not that computer savvy so it could be me. lol)

  2. 🙂 It’s fun to be able to hear your voice. For some reason, I didn’t necessarily picture you with a Southern accent…of course, I don’t know where you live, and I’m a Yankee (now Pacific Northwesterner), so that makes sense.

  3. i know most of your kids are grown but for me i close off the rooms we’re not using so i know exactly where my little one can be and that she isn’t into things she shouldn’t be in.

    i’ve heard that having boxes in rooms that are meant for things that don’t belong in that room is a good start to getting organized. you just take things from the box with you when you change rooms…

  4. Hey the video worked this time!

    What a blessing to have a girl to help. I’m excited to learn some new ideas from you. Our home does affect our attitudes incredibly.

    It is not my gift either. When I got married I had a “wisdom shower” with older Christian women who I really looked up to instead the usual bachlorette (sp?) party. One of the women who came (the only one with a large family) brought a whole bunch of tips for around the house. Having those tips from the beginning was a God-send. I still have had a lot to learn and systems to work out, but seeing how others – more experienced – do things helps me alot.

    You’re so honest. Thanks.

  5. Kelly,

    So, is this going to be a mini series about getting more organized in the home? If so, I’m all ears. I know that my home could be much more organized and I don’t have any excuses because I don’t have precious little runs around the house (unless you want to count my husband, but he’s not so little – smiles).

    BTW, the classical music in the background goes with your video speech. I know it was an “accident,” but it was a nice touch.

  6. Kelly, you have such a cute voice! I love your accent! I too am southern, but I ended up with a newscastery voice.

  7. Janice,

    I feel for you! I do have the blessing of an older daughter who does a tremendous amount, as well as a 7 and 9 year old who are very helpful.

    I can tell you though, *this season is short*…treasure those little ones and worry a little less about the house if need be.

    This season will be over shortly and you will have wanted to be sure to cherish every moment! (Well, except maybe the poopy ones 😉

  8. Yes, I’m afraid I have a southern accent 😉

    Though if you could here some “’round these parts”,you’d be pretty impressed with mine ;-D

  9. I’m sure! I grew up in east Texas, and I’ve heard some real doozies. I’m not sure how I managed to end up with the voice I have – too many movies, maybe.

  10. I kinda like that accent myself 😉

    Btw… my cousins live in Ragland. That says it all doesn’t it?

    Love this series!!!!

    P.S. I would be NOT organized. But wanna be. I love the underwear comment. I HAVE been there too.

  11. Kelly, I Love your accent, but of course, I live in southwest Georgia!! Actually, the folks down here talk w-a-y more southern than I do! Anyway, you are adorable and so young looking! I totally identify with what you said about cleaning with a large family. I can work hard all day, and feel that all I did was scratch the surface. That was what happened yesterday . . . I am looking forward to this mini series! Maybe it will provide some “comic relief” from the tragedy of feminism, as well!!!

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