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Motherhood is really, at its core, about perseverance and deliberate, focused endurance.

I don’t mean just the physical kind…more often, it is the emotional and spiritual kind. It requires the kind of tenacity that frankly, few women in our age are willing to develop.

Not the tenacity to simply run a household, though the mechanics of that are a very real part of our job. But the motherhood I’m talking about encompasses a whole world besides; a world where hearts are painstakingly drawn out, attitudes are carefully monitored and molded, and life-lessons that can only be taught through the zeal of a mother are learned.

Quite frankly, we’ve probably all had days we thought, “this would be easier if someone else were doing it”. And someone else might be able to handle those mechanics I mentioned.

But we’re talking about mother-love: that all-encompassing vocation that has been given only to us.

I get tired. I’m tired now, which is what prompted this post. I get grouchy, and start to look around and only see too many pairs of shoes out of place, dust under the couch, trash that could so easily be placed in the can left on the table until I point it out.


But I MUST reboot, and remind myself that the mechanics–that is, how I handle the mechanics, are intricately tied to this bigger thing that we do…this growing of souls, and launching of good, sturdy men and women.

I cannot allow myself to be too tired for too long. Grace is given, yes, but then I must draw, not from my own strength, but from that source of never-ending power that comes from the One who has called me to this.

I have to re-think before I speak…the pile of shoes may be bothersome, but they also may be an opportunity to shape my character which will transfer to my children.

The moment of bickering calls me to dig deep into the well of my being and carves out of me a more patient and loving spirit–if I let it. That, too, is simultaneously working in my children’s character.

This short time is fleeting…they will carry a part of me into the rest of their lives. Which part?

Get alone, get quiet, get still. And ask the Lord to bring the vision back, if you are struggling to hold on to it.

This is big…rise to the occasion on the wings of Him Who is able.



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  1. Wonderful! Thank you for this! Each stage has it’s own challenges. Motherhood never really ends either even when they are out of the nest! Then begins the next stage of trusting God…through complete reliance on prayer!



  2. How do you always know, Kelly? I am having a terrible day. We were snowed in without power Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, I didn’t get to launch my website or Etsy site, I didn’t get to write you back……I had cleaned the house to sparkling Saturday afternoon only to come home to the mess we left in our haste to pack up and leave when the house fell below 30 degrees Sunday night….the kids that I keep are back today and my son is in….well it’s not rare form, it’s his every day form! Even as I battle my harsh words and soaring temper I feel the enemy whispering, you’re not good enough, you can’t do it, you hate this, you’re a bad mother, he’ll never grow out of this stage, you’re a failure…and yet when is the last time I sat down and really drank from the word? What have I done to change ME even as I struggle in my ignorance and emptiness to change him? I have truly begun to feel that motherhood is almost more about raising ourselves, that is, allowing the Lord to raise us, than it is about raising our children. We are made in God’s image and our children in our image. We teach our children to mirror us in everything-but what if our mirrors are cracked and dirty? I needed your words today friend. Back to square one. Back to being refined in that furnace like fine silver. Time to reboot indeed.

  3. “Come to me all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” (Matt. 11:28).

    Sometimes, it is so hard for me to remember that taking a nap so I can be cheerful, gentle, and patient with my family is so much more important than getting those pesky chores done! It is really a discipline for me to be sure not only to come before the Lord with my exhaustion but to share His priorities and get a little SLEEP!


  4. This post is such a blessing to me. I told a friend yesterday that this blog is my best source of encouragement. (besides the Lord ;0)
    I so often feel like people are watching and waiting just to see how I am handling this journey of motherhood. Pressure to perform or else people will think that I’m not a good mother and that 6 children are too much for anyone. I’m sure it’s because having 6 children is DEFINITELY not a common thing in my circle of friends. Does anyone else understand where I’m coming from?
    Kelly, as always you have ministered to me and encouraged me today!!

  5. During the warm season , my husband will drop me off to camp by myself on the weekends. Gives me time to think and recoup while he cares for the children.

  6. AnneMarie,

    “I have truly begun to feel that motherhood is almost more about raising ourselves, that is, allowing the Lord to raise us, than it is about raising our children.”

    I could not agree with you more.

  7. These are the posts (and comments) that encourage me when I am feeling alone in a world of failure. It is refreshing to know that other moms have these days and thoughts.

    Just the other night, when having bedtime prayer, I asked my daughter to forgive me for being ‘snippy’ in the afternoon. I always appreciate a reminder that the chores are secondary and family are first.

  8. This has been a huge challenge to me, especially lately. I have perfectionism tendencies and constantly battle them. Thanks for this reminder about rebooting and remembering what we’re really here to do.

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