Generation Cedar

4th Victim…

Male. 4 years-old.

Blond hair, blue eyes.

Last seen at 1 a.m. vomiting from the couch while his mother tries to catch it with trash can…repeat every 30 minutes.

Ode to the Virus
I don’t like you,just so you know,
Let’s get that squared away…
You barged in here–unwelcome guest,
Unpacked your bags to stay.
Our laundry is ridiculous–
Blankets, towels and sheets,
You figured out just how to make sure
No one gets to sleep!
Or worse, you tease me with an hour
Make me think we’re done,
And then–you’re favorite time of night–
Vomit hits at one!
Fevers, chills, no appetite,
You’ve got ’em up your sleeve,
I’ve had about all I can take,
Now pack your bags and leave!

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5 Responses

  1. Too cute! That’s a great way to express frustration – a catchy little poem. I’ll have to try that next time.

  2. Girl that virus killing your kids ?
    Hold strong it will be over.
    God is merciful.
    you seem to be dealing with it much better than my wife would lol ..

  3. Audrey,

    So sorry! I’m feeling your pain 😉 We are enjoying a slight reprieve–only one is still lying around, but the older ones haven’t gotten sick (nor the grown ups 😉

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