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“The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that people have the right to sue schools over sexual discrimination….

And I think what it ultimately will mean is –that schools will pass as a reaction to this [will require] homosexual sensitivity training programs. [T]hey’ll call them ‘no bullying’ laws or ‘sensitivity’ or ‘tolerance’ laws, but actually what it will be are laws that will focus on homosexuality,” he contends. “And anybody who says anything that is negative against homosexuality or in support of traditional morality-which, by the way, discriminates against nontraditional immorality — is going to be subject to these particular laws”

Laying all ethical/moral issues aside, (and there is plenty for Christians to discuss) how can the public school really be a place of academic instruction when they are consumed with petty litigation, walking on eggshells to prevent lawsuits that “easy-money” parents will be waiting to jump at?

Schools continue to fail miserably in their basic responsibilities to teach children and instead grow as a social reform institution whose job is to remove any and all preconceived ideas about family, tradition or truth.

Let me repeat what is happening in case you missed it in the quote: the public school system is basically being forced to be neutral (actually it’s biased to the *other* agendas, but they don’t want us to know that) to the extent that talking about the traditional family will, by default, be *discrimination*. Children are being indoctrinated to believe there is no such thing as a family the way societies have always structured them. Family has been redefined as any group of people who live together??? If that.

I recently had a conversation with a new school teacher, fresh out of college in her first year teaching. She said, very condescendingly to me while shaking her head “no”, “Kelly, the family is dead…it doesn’t exist anymore”. This is what they’re telling the teachers, and that is the message being perpetuated to a new generation.

I’m not even tip-toeing anymore…Christians, get your kids out of public school.

Public Schools are Tolerance Training

“Public school is a place of detention for children placed in the care of teachers who are afraid of the principal, principals who are afraid of the school board, school boards who are afraid of the parents, parents who are afraid of the children, and children who are afraid of nobody.”

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  1. When I was in my teacher training program we were forced to sit through 3 hours (in a 3 hour credit class – the full time allotment for a week) of a videotaped “gay family education” program being implemented in some public schools. The video’d teachers made no bones about intending to set standards about what’s right and wrong (and gay is good). At the end of gay-edu day the kids sat around in the gym sinding “This Little Light of Mine”. No lie. Oh, and the teacher made a point of claiming to be a Christian, in conversation to me. No, the family isn’t dead, but they’re trying!

  2. I’m not sure I agree that “talking about the traditional family” will be equated with discrimination. This would just be ridiculous and evidence of reverse-discrimination. Of course, reverse-discrimination isn’t unheard of, but I would hope this wouldn’t be the direction that things would take.

    I can understand that parents would be upset about their children being indoctrinated with “sensitivity training” that would focus on lifestyle choices rather than on people (after all, we should be sensitive to PEOPLE, not necessarily their choices), but I do hope that the silver lining of all of this will be that children will no longer be persecuted for sexual orientation (ORIENTATION, not lifestyle decisions) at their schools. In my husband’s normally peaceful hometown, it was merely rumored that a young man was gay, and his parents were forced to pull him out of school and leave town for fear of his life. This is the sort of thing that we SHOULD be sensitive about.


  3. It is soooo scary what is happening in our public schools. We send our daughter to a christian school (for at least 824 reasons) and a lot of our friends home-school. The people in our neighborhood think we are crazy. “Why pay all this money in taxes and not send your kids to public schools? Public schools were good enough for us….” Most of these are “christians” but they have their head in the sand. They have no idea what is really going on! Thanks for using your blog to sound the alarm.

  4. Hi Kelly,
    Another well written and informative post.

    Close to twenty years ago, I was a Teacher’s Aide to 3rd and 4th graders in a small community. I graded so many papers my eyes crossed.

    I remember grading an English paper that had a sex education question in it. I was stunned to say the least. The things that got quietly snuck in…

    I regret that I didn’t photo copy this particular paper to physically show others what’s included in the studies for young children in the Public Schools. So many of the papers never made it home for the parents to view. Hum.

    As far as I know, the pro homosexual agenda was not being pushed at that time…I know that it is now creeping into the elementary schools as well as individual spirit guides to help achieve one’s personal best, so I am not surprised if “death to the family” mentality is being encouraged.

    At the time I was an aide, my sons were High Schoolers and they would tell me about what some of their classes were being taught AND YES disrespect toward their parents was encouraged.

    Public Schools are a far cry from how it was when I was in the system.

  5. I have come from a background of “christian schools.” Kindergarten through 12th. My sister did too.

    Be wary of assuming that the christian parochial schools are doing that much of a better job of helping students have a firm faith to fall back on when they meet other peers who try to persuade them onto the wrong path.

    I know that the majority of those in my graduating class that came from this christian school has struggled with abortion, drug or alcohol abuse, premarital sexual relations, no longer attend church…..really, the sad fact is that my peers who went to the christian school really don’t loook much different than those who went through the public school system.

    In my opinion, the absolute best way to transfer christian beliefs and values to your children is by modeling that to them as you spend your days side by side with them, and the only good way to get that much time together is through homeschooling. My daughter is 14 months old, and we haven’t 100% decided on homeschooling, but w/ my husband’s background in the public schools, and mine in the christian schools, I truly feel that homeschooling is the absolute best way to instill biblical values in our children.

  6. To help clarify what I mean:

    In my opinion, the main difficulty with being a student in a christian school and holding onto the values that are taught ONLY in religion class or chapel or prayer before meals and sports games. ..the difficulty is (especially in high school) is coming back to school on Monday and hearing the stories of your fellow “christian” students telling stories of who slept with who, who did what while drunk….and so on.

    Seeing your peers who claim to be christian proudly proclaiming that they have done these kinds of things (without remorse!!) really makes you double check whether taking the narrow path is really worth it. Of course it is, but it’s VERY HARD for someone high school age or below to remember this when their “christian” friends make fun of them for not “being cool” like them.

    And then, if you manage to stick on the narrow path even after all your christian peers have veered off during high school, if you then proceed to college – and there are just sooooo many temptations out there that it REALLY REALLY WARRANTS building a firm foundation in your children and plenty of confidence in their Savior (not necessarily “self” confidence) that will keep them from wavering when temptation gets tough.

  7. Deana – I know how you feel. So many times I wished I were “bugged” with a tiny tape recorder! You couldn’t have known back then that you were dealing with evidendce against a system and not just one teacher.

    Nicole – quite right, there is no guarantee with private school. I will say, though, that homeschool is also just a tool. A good one, but it has to be properly implemented. I grew up in private school and homeschooling, and honestly the homeschoolers are as without direction as the non-homeschoolers. The parent has to rely on discipling daily, teaching from a christian worldview, and with long-term, even intergenerational vision. It was kind of like, “Well, we know pub school is bad and we aren’t going to do that, they just need to love Jesus, and grow up to be a responsible “good” person. Kelly has posted on this (parenting with vision), as has Doug Philips (note: I don’t agree with everything he teaches, but makes a lot of good points and observations).

    “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.”
    Prov 29:18

  8. “As far as I know, the pro homosexual agenda was not being pushed at that time…I know that it is now creeping into the elementary schools as well … so I am not surprised if “death to the family” mentality is being encouraged.”

    I wish I wish I wish that you all displayed the intelligence and sensitivity that Bethany Hudson does. Thank you Bethany for being the kind of Christian that truly IS a loving Christian.

    Now – let me state this as empirical for the rest of you – you have every right to your religious beliefs. I would defend your right at any cost, it is the fundamental freedom of this country. But for the love of all that is holy – there is no pro-homosexual agenda! LOL! Where do you get this? I want to see actual printed material on this. I believe that teaching tolerance to others is not ever wrong – do you want to live in a religious theocracy? Because that’s where that is going, you see. Don’t send your children to public schools if you don’t want to, but not for such false reasoning.

    I’m a straight woman, but this is pure bigotry in the name of religion. What will you do if a child of yours comes to you and is gay? What would you do? I would consider this, and I mean it in the nicest possible way.

  9. MOD,

    Decided to rewrite my comment–my thoughts are less coherent when I’m angry 😉

    What I’m asking you to understand is that we do not advocate hatred toward people–anyone, regardless of lifestyle.

    As a Christian, there are certain lifestyles/behaviors that I believe are not God’s plan. He calls them “sin”. I don’t question it, or hold it up in light of circumstance or scientific suggestions.

    I know many believe homosexuals are born that way and can’t help it; I agree some are inclined to that, much like many are inclined to pornography addiction–but that doesn’t make it normal and healthy.

    Bigotry is hatefulness toward a person, so I would appreciate you not accuse me (us) of something that we don’t do. (Even though the bible predicted you, and all those who are “blinded by the god of this world, would).

    I don’t know a single child among my Christian friends (my children included) who express hatefulness toward those living in sin. They know how to separate the two. Public school can’t teach the love of Christ, so they’re left with no choice by teaching “tolerance”, defined as holding virtually no patterns of right and wrong.

    I don’t regard the homosexual lifestyle any different than an immoral heterosexual one; and I am equally “intolerant” of having my children being taught that they are normal and healthy.

    That’s my choice…it is only 1 of hundreds of reasons I feel Christian’s should pull their children from PS. (BTW, there is plenty of evidence of a “homo. agenda” being propagated, and traditional family values being weakened.)

    One can be loving of people and intolerant of sin…that’s how our Savior lived, though He did it perfectly and we don’t.

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