Generation Cedar

This has become one of our favorite past times lately. To be honest, part of me feels like it’s a waste of time; that part of me that thinks “We should be working, or doing something more productive”.

But the quiet voice inside me says, “This is important.”

Sometimes we read, and sometimes we just talk and laugh. It seems I can hear more of their heart during these times. But most importantly, I think they sense that they are special and I hope they grow up to have strong memories of this “doing nothing” time.
This time will pass quickly; soon they will no longer be asking, “Mama, will you snuggle wid us?” Do I have time?

I love little shoes

I love little dolls;

I love little trucks

I love little balls.

All these little objects

Scattered here and there,

Mean that little people are running everywhere!

And what could be more pleasant

Or bring me more delight,

Than morning baby giggles

And sleepy hugs at night?

When I’m feeling fussy

At the smudges on the pane,

I place my hand against the print,

And wish they’d stay the same.

Some people go to work each day

And build skyscrapers grand,

But the Master-builder helps me build

the kind that will always stand!

Kelly Crawford 2006

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  1. We do this too, and none of us would trade it for the hectic! I’ve been there and I do not want that kind of life again. You are making memories!
    I love your poem!

  2. I know this has nothing to do with your post today, but did you see the link on Voddie Baucham’s blog about “The American form of Government”? It is an excellent lesson in government (for those who think we are a democracy instead of a republic and those who think law based on the Bible should be null and void!). Very, Very good.

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