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Even though we can’t take credit for this one, I almost forgot about a recent big-frugal-blessing. One of the easiest ways to cut the budget is in the food department. And there’s nothing like road kill to cut the food budget.

My sister, bless her, hit not ONE, but TWO deer the other night. And not just any two deer…TWO EIGHT POINT BUCKS!

Wrecked her car to pieces, but our freezer is full (she hates to cook). Other than the sight of my Dad and husband wheeling hand trucks–four furry legs sticking straight up–into my pantry (we have a big freezer they stuffed the carcass in until processing ;-), seven bug-eyed children and a trail of blood through the house, I’d say we came out pretty good.

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  1. Whew! Thank God your sister wasn’t hurt! My husband hit a pheasant once, and we ate it! A local butcher cut it up for us for $5. No bird-shot in it, that was nice. I once read a book called “Possum Livin'”, written in the ’70’s, but I don’t remember the female author. It had some very radical ways to save money, including eating road-kill!

  2. I’m glad your sister wasn’t hurt. My father once wrecked a big pick-up truck when he hit a deer. I would definately eat deer roadkill (hey, I have!) I’d eat the pheasant too, but please no squirrel!

  3. When my grandma was raising her family in Coer d’Lene, ID, and didn’t have much money, the game warden would give her ducks that had been confiscated from poachers.

  4. All I can say is that I am laughing.

    But also glad your sister lived to tell about it. You would be surprised a how deadly hitting a dear can be. My DH owns 4 ins agencies and you would not believe the stories we hear. One of our customers died, and another customer in a separate incident spent several months in an ICU.

  5. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaa! Great post Kelly! Praise the LORD your sister is ok! We’ve hit plenty of deer in our family too, but we haven’t been as blessed to receive a full freezer afterward!

  6. Glad your sister was okay. Deer really can do a lot of damage.

    One thing…We know of some people who moved to our state–and they talk about saving roadkill. But in some areas such as mine, it is illegal to keep roadkill without express fish and game permission. Recently, someone in our area got in trouble for salvaging moose meat while unauthorized. The meat was confiscated and allowed to spoil while the guy hashed out details with the authorities. I *think* it was determined he could have the meat but by then it was ruined…

    Just a note to be aware of local law requirements before trying to use this tip. Some localities will charge fines that exceed the amount of money you would have spent on the meat. Not saying it’s a GOOD restriction, just that you don’t want to be asking for trouble that can be avoided.


  7. A true, dedicated blogger would offer some sort of picture.

    Can you say “Redneck”?


    Love it!!!

  8. ROCK ON! That’s awesome – we have lots of deer here too and more than once I’ve thought about pulling over and stuffing a deer into the trunk of my durango…although now I have a brand new Kia van – aint no way a dead animal’s going in the back of that thing…
    But good for you guys – I love venison and elk!

  9. Enjoy! It’s deer season up here in ND/MN. Lots of hunters out. Venison is very good. My husband isn’t a hunter, but many of his family members are and they share. 🙂

    After reading the title of your post, I was glad you weren’t eating a raccoon or something.

    Also glad your sister is OK. Deer can really do some damage to a vehicle.

    Have a lovely weekend! Lisa

  10. So glad your sis is okay. The story is hilarious. Where I am from if we hit a deer, we have to leave it on the side of the road. So sad some states regulations. Enjoy your meat for the winter. 🙂

  11. I’ve always heard it was illegal too. But it doesn’t seem to make any sense does it? Why does the government get to regulate what we eat also? Glad you are getting to use the meat!

  12. Reminds me of my first few weeks living in Mongolia and my mother-in-law, sweet thing that she is, gave me a sheep as a gift to make me feel welcomed. She butchered it on my kitchen floor. What could I say? “Thank you, Mom.”

  13. Why don’t you share some venison recipes if you have any. We occasionally get deer meat and I’m never really sure how to cook it.

    With the pheasant breast, I sauteed it in butter until it was nicely browned and finished sauteeing until it was done. Then, I put it in the crock pot with some cream of mushroom soup (you could make your own, if you like healthier soup than the canned variety) and simmered it for about a half an hour. Yummy!

  14. Oh my word! How did my google reader miss THIS ONE?

    I am the QUEEN OF VENISON cooking!
    (no gloating here or anything LOL)

    My husband is deer hunting at this very minute!!!!


    My husband pleasantly was surprised to get a grouse last year. It was the season but they are harder to find.

    I normally use my venison in ANY recipe requesting beef. Stew, hamburger, meatloaf, meatballs, steaks, etc etc. I have even made breakfast gravy with venison burger.

    I have a really yummy summer sausage recipe I’ll share with anyone who wants it. I add jalepeno and cheese to mine, but it’s not mentioned in the recipe.

    Kelly it also makes a great Christmas present for anyone who would eat it:

    If anyone wants this recipe (I suppose you could use any kind of meat),

    just email me at

    Write “VENISON SAUSAGE” in the subject line.

    I will email it to you as an attachment (because I have to scan it from magazine clippings) and it has some very helpful pictures.

    No casings… just just use aluminum foil and refrigerate.

  15. Thanks Kim…

    We use it about like any other meat–lots of ground meat that works in anything you’d use beef in (spaghetti, chili, taco soup, meat, etc.)

    Roast–just like a beef roast–worcestershire and vinegar takes most of the gamey taste out.

    Cubed steak–sauted in olive oil (or more recently, in coconut oil!)

    And deer loin–yum yum! Sauteed in any meat marinade…we like this for breakfast.

    My husband likes “venison pie” just used with ground meat, cooked and combined with meat sauce of choice, onions, bell pepper, seasonings (garlic), placed in pie dish or casserole dish and topped with cheese to bake.

  16. Ok… nevermind…

    I blogged about it. It was easier for me and probably anyone else to do that than try to email.
    You can print the recipe and the instructional pictures from there.

    It makes a great sandwich meat, snack, or whatever you fancy since it is SO low-fat!

  17. Ok… one more thing LOL.

    Have you ever tried Dale’s Steak Marinade/Sauce? It is soooo good.

    But be careful because it is so strong you only have to marinade the steak or loin for just a few minutes. It definitely takes care of any wild taste.

    Bacon-wrapped loin is like filet mignon.

  18. That is the grossest thing I have ever heard of. (not the road kill part but the carcass in the freezer part) The kids won’t ever forget that one!


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  20. “After making her observations, she introduces several “rule changes,” where she implements rules and activities that are important to her family. It’s a positive experience for people to not only learn but teach about other families and other ways of life. “

    LOL!!! Can you imagine????

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