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The most important things in life are often the most simple…and that’s why they are so easy to miss…or forget.
Relationships…could there be any thing more important on earth? Our relationship to God defining and conforming our relationships to others is the very essence of life. Why is that so hard for us?
Motherhood is made up of that complex design that requires so much from us, and yet requires so little.
There is so much to be done, and yet what our children need from us is not hard. Time, tenderness, instruction and direction. They need to walk alongside us in life. Do I let them? Or do I shoo them away so I can get more done?
Does the pressing list of my day rob my children of a first-morning smile? Does my schedule press tighter than a mid-day hug? Can I let them into everything–the essence of building relationships, speaking through my actions, “You are important to me right now”?

Do they know they are valued, and that I like being with them? Do I converse with them, ask questios and then listen to the answers? Do I give them a chance to be who they are?
A few years, and my building time is gone. Their cement foundations will be dried and firm. Am I letting God’s Word become real in my relationships?
Standards are good. Guidelines, necessary. Principles and even concrete “family rules” are appropriate.
But those will only produce the real fruit we desire if our children know that we love the Lord above anything else, and that what we do as a family springs from that love.

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  1. I needed to hear this today… thanks for sharing! It’s hard sometimes for me to remember that the little things should never encroach on the truly important things.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! It is so easy to get caught up in the small things in life like washing dishes, laundry, etc…and forget about the whole reason we do them! Thanks for the gentle reminder!

  3. thanks for the reminder. i am trying to improve in this area of ‘connecting’ with my children, and not being so enmeshed in what *I* have to do today.that I forget they are amongst the most important to-dos…..i once read this great article called Tyranny of the Urgent….it touched on how things rush into our day…and take our focus off the real purpose of all the passing moments that we tie up into one, and call it a “day”. in the last 30 minutes i heard about 18″Mommmmms!”…homework issues, how to reload the stapler, and one child wanted to count how much money i have in my wallet….with the child that needed homework helps, i admit i fell short and wasnt GRATEFUL in the moment, looking at it as a gift, but rather an ‘interupption’. i am really trying the last few years to be able to ‘simplify’ my life, especially ‘in the moment’……not trying to make things difficult, but view them in the light of whats eternal. i was just thinking that it would be good to have some sort of plaque with some poignant saying about remembering whats important whewn it comes to our day and our children..but then i know that in and of itself will not solve the problem…..moreso, it needs to be written on the ‘plaque’ of our hearts….

    gotta run, my youngest deciuded its time to write the grocery list, and apparently *I* am her ‘speller’, today…lol.

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