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“You send forth Your Spirit, they are created…”

The resounding song of my heart these past few weeks has been “God is over all things, He made all things, and He controls all things…there is, therefore, NOTHING to fear!”

And yet again, this morning, as the kids and I “cozied up” under blankets in the first crisp mornings of fall, with the ribbons of sun streaming through the windows, we read from Psalm 104–listen to this!

“He appointed the moon for seasons; the sun knows its going down. You make darkness, and it is night…

O Lord, how manifold are Your works! In wisdom You have made them all. The earth is full of Your possessions–this great and wide sea, in which are innumerable teeming things, living things both small and great….

These all wait for You, that you may give them their food in due season…You open Your hand, they are filled with good…You take away their breath, they die…

You send forth Your Spirit, they are created; and You renew the face of the earth.”

Read that bold part again…if the mere animals of the sea are so carefully conceived and brought to life by the Spirit of God, how much more us–His most beloved of creation!

If He gives them their food in due season, how much more does He promise to care for our basic needs?

I have found lately that the most blessed and glorious thing is to fall back on the sovereignty of my Creator. To take Him at His Word–to “Be anxious for nothing”!

And my heart cries with the Psalmist, as he closes the chapter:

“I will sing to the Lord as long as I live; I will sing praise to my God while I have my being. May my meditation be sweet to Him; I will be glad in the Lord.”

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  1. Thank you! I appreciate you!!!!

    I thought of something else.

    What kind of God would He be, if we couldn’t completely trust Him or understand Him?

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