Generation Cedar

“Can I extol the virtues of home, family and children, and insist these can thrive in the absence of their natural guardian, and be the same person?” ~Kelly Crawford

A House’s Lament

What sadness is my lot in life, these four walls empty stand,
They used to ring with laughter filled by woman, child and man.

Not everybody left at once–they slowly filtered out,
And once they left the love of home, they left what life’s about.

For when there was a family here, they shared a common goal…
They prayed, and helped, and worked and touched-A balm that soothed the soul.

I’m merely shelter for them now, a place to stop and sleep,
I only dream of joy-filled days, with the patter of little feet.

The little feet that can be found are with a stranger’s wife,
Traded off so mom and dad can “give them a better life.”

Where once the table held a feast, the dishes worn with wear,
Now stands a piece of lonely wood, her back so sadly bare.

And how I long to hear the chimes of voices sweetly raised
Of moms and dads and children singing their Redeemer’s praise!

I miss the gentle answers and the ease of taking time
To answer little questions that nurture great big minds!

I once was at the very core of everything that mattered,
The calmness in a raging storm, a refuge for the battered.

I used to be the schoolhouse, too, my bookshelves held their pages,
The children grew in wisdom here and left one day as sages.

I wish I could recall the eyes that looked so tenderly
Upon a man who loved his wife and met her every need.

Now I’m grieving too, about a nation’s power severed,
The only hope lies in the home resolved to stay together!

Kelly Crawford


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