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I needed a reminder this morning, so I thought I’d remind you too! All too often I miss life! Aren’t we usually waiting for something? The next activity, the next appointment, the next break? And we have this false idea that life is a certain kind of moment or event.

But most of life is composed of ordinary moments. How often do I not only miss those, but even ruin them? If I’m too busy preparing for the next thing, then it’s easy to get interrupted in the now. And interruptions cause frustrations; and frustrations cause words and attitudes that do not reflect the kindness of God.



What if stopping to tie a shoe–for the 6th time, was something I saw, not as an interruption, but an opportunity to stop what I’m doing, smile at my little one, and while I’m tying, speak into his heart: “I hope you know how glad I am that you live here.”

Or a potty training moment was seen as a privilege, sharing a milestone in my child’s life–something not everyone gets to do.

What if all those “interruptions” are not interruptions at all, but God’s divine appointments in the ordinary, to test my heart, to see if my treasure is where it should be?

How many smiles are left “unsmiled“? How many sunsets left unshared? How many hurt feelings left unsoothed? Hugs left unhugged? Questions left unanswered?

I’ve said it before, but Jesus’ last “spectacular” act, was anything but spectacular. But spectacular does not equal important. “Wash each other’s feet.” Do the small things. Willingly. Happily. With a heart of love.

Oh that I would remember that as I pour myself into this Mother Work!


“In the multitude of my anxieties within me, Your comforts delight my soul.” Psalm 94:19

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  1. I really needed this reminder this morning. Thanks for sharing your heart with the world. 🙂 Have a blessed and very, uh, interrupted — opportunity filled day.

  2. Especially with mother’s getting ready to begin their schooling activities…this is a great reminder. We can get so wrapped up in our planning that we don’t take the teaching moments now. Thanks Kelly. Hope you have a happy day.

  3. Thanks for the timely post. At 37 weeks, I really start playing the waiting game. My impatience and discomfort can really fuel the flames of a bad attitude. By God’s grace, I’m doing much better this time, but this was just the encouragement that I needed. I’m sure that my husband and other 4 children thank you too!

  4. We just adopted 3 little kids and now we have 6 kids in total. So I really want to do a good job. So I clean the house, do laundry, cook meals, wipe noses and hineys, and all that comes with being mom. Then I am shocked to realize all my children from the baby to the 15 year old are in desperate need of attention. Whoops! I forgot to sit back and rock them, play with them, read with them, talk to them, watch a movie with them. I was so busy ‘doing’ life I forot to live it. Great post! Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Amen. Life is just so busy its easy to miss out on living it. I want to LIVe it and teach my children how to live it in the midst of this rushing, selfish world!

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