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Where along the way did we become convinced that other people are better equipped to raise our children than we are? Seriously.

I’m not even talking about assuming the “professionals” at school are better teachers. I’m talking about the trend that keeps pushing parents to send their children somewhere at earlier and earlier ages. In the guise that they’ll be better off, no less!

I overheard a women behind me in the check out line tell her friend that “Amy” had started school this week. “Amy”, I learned, was three. I gathered that this was not a work-outside-the-home Mom, as she had a younger child with her in the middle of the day.

I got in the car with my son, with whom I had had the most wonderful time talking on our grocery trip, and I just felt sick in the pit of my stomach. Not just for the lady, but for so many who have bought the lie.

What of these little souls who were made to be nurtured by their mothers? All the lessons, the bonding, the character training, the growing–the living and learning in a place where roots are meant to grow deep…Home.

(Not to mention the natural relationships between siblings that are so early ripped apart.)

Even if it were true that “school” was more profitable for a child academically, is that what it’s about? Really? Having the smartest kid? (And you know I strongly disagree that school provides a superior education.)

As my Dad so often does, let’s look to the very nature of Creation for common sense clues. When an animal has an offspring, that “baby” stays under the constant watch and training of its mother until maturity, whatever that is for the specie.

Let’s encourage young mothers, and remember ourselves, that God gave us children so that we could mentor, teach, love, cuddle, feed, read to, hold and train. Those first years are so especially crucial!

Let’s be faithful to the call, and refuse the notion to look around to see if someone else could do it better.

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  1. Oh I so agree! And this is coming from a mom who bought the lie just a few years ago! I’ve since had my eyes opened and am so thankful that I “get it” now. Speaking from the other side, I can see how crazy it really is. And I’m not saying there is NOTHING good that can come from pre-school, just that there is so much good that can happen at home.

  2. What you said makes alot of sense, but you have to remember that some of us (like myself) are still learning, praying, and trying to de-program ourselves from feminist/worldly thinking. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen over night.

    This post also reminds me of something that I saw recently. This past weekend, my husband and I went out of town for a mini vacation. We were sitting in a restaruant having breakfast. They had the regular waitresses, but one of them was obviously pregnant. I couldn’t help but watch her, bending over tables trying to clean them, lifting heavy cleaning pails, moving swiftly back and forth, etc. I felt bad for her. I couldn’t help but think, “Why is a pregnant woman working like this? She should be at home preparing for her baby. This is not right!”

    Call me crazy, but it seemed a little un-natural to me. I guess some of my feminist views are wearing off, slowly but surely.

  3. Lady S.,

    I agree 100%–this post was probably actually for those who may have never thought about it before!

    Growth does take time…boy do I know that well, as I limp along!

    But I know much of my growing would never have happened if somebody hadn’t just “said it”. You know what I mean?

    I certainly don’t want to sound hard on anybody, but just to present a reality to ponder.

  4. My sister-in-law put her 3 yr old in FULL day school last year and just makes me cringe. What is even worse is I have to sit there and hear them all say “oh, he is going to be SO smart” and asking him “isn’t school fun?” She is sending her next one to school next year to full day school to and will turn 3 the END of JULY next breaks my heart and makes me so sad. My in-laws think I am bonkers for homeschooling and well..ugh..I am no even going to get into that..hehe.

  5. I completely and totally agree with this post. I felt this way before I ever decided to home-school too. They are only little once!!!!

  6. I could not agree more and I work in a daycare. I wanted to have experience working with children while I wait for marriage and children of my own. I give my best to the two year olds in my care but it is not a good environment for young children. Many daycare staff are unexperienced, poorly paid, and some just do not know how to take care of children. I work with a young woman who consistently yells at the kids. And they’re 2! I have to tell her to stop. Besides, 12 two year olds in one room is not the way to teach them any life skills or develop close bonds. It is just chaos.

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