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UPDATE: Per a few concerned readers, this is NOT any official reporting. It is just a question posted on a Yahoo forum.
Nevertheless, the reason I posted it here is because history has repeatedly proven how “absurd” practices creep into our culture. One thing leads to another, left unchecked. The atrocities our country is experiencing now (sanctity of marriage being destroyed and sodomy being legalized, partial-birth abortions, euthanasia–yes it’s happening–and other such tragedies have subtly slipped their way into our thinking. We are notorious (Christians, that is) for waking up and saying, “Oh my goodness….look where we’ve come!” but no body wants to address the early stages of deterioration. That would seem too radical.

Until we are willing and able to look ahead and see the destruction that follows compromise, we will continue to crumble.

I stumbled across this question and thread of answers. Of course I know to prepare myself for shock when I’m reading about this subject among pagans, but still…this was shocking to me. Listen to this person’s answer:

Question: Shouldn’t the US limit the number of children you can have?

“I think a better solution would be to require IQ tests and sterilize anyone with less than a score of 100. That may sound cruel, but if we’re to protect our country from the cancerous societal trash that procreates at twice the rate of industrious citizens, then we need to take action.Al Gore and the Dem’s should and would back this plan because a more intelligent workforce can fix global warming and develop cleaner energy.”

“Holy hair-raiser, Batman!”

“Cancerous societal trash”…by whose definition, I wonder? What qualifies? I guess an IQ less than 100. This would include a lot of precious children of God. Isn’t that it? Our culture has no concept of people being children of God. As blessings. As a reward.

Does anyone smell a Nazi-like stench? The worst part is, there are lots of people who feel this way.

It is the awareness of philosophies like these that make me ever more vigilant to speak out about the blessing of children. It is easy to see why the world feels like we’re out of control; they don’t serve a God who has laid the foundations of the earth.

But it’s when Christians start to inch toward the subtle, destructive thinking that so concerns me; it’s always gradual. That’s why I make a big deal over the slightest of responses. Who would have dreamed, 100 years ago, that our nation would even be thinking of asking this question? We crept here.

We must take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ…lest our thinking winds up as absurdity disguised in “intelligence”.

Interesting note: the commenter didn’t suggest a lower standard of living–maybe less driving, fewer purchases, vacations, etc.– to cure the “global warming problem”…

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  1. Is this the thread you were reading?

    Yahoo Answers is in no way a debate forum based on any kind of research or study. It’s a free-for-all where anyone can post any question that anybody else can answer. People will say anything on the internet, especially things like this to get a stir out of people. To say that this kind of comment made by goodness knows who reflects a “philosophy” held by “a lot of people” is a bit of an over-reaction.

    The topic of limiting the number of children is a legitimate one to discuss; but I’d recommend reading other forums than Yahoo Answers, where the yahoos lurk.

  2. This has really affected me – particularly what you wrote here: “Hmmmm…anyone out there have a Down Syndrome child? Would he/she qualify as “cancerous trash”?”

    I know you believe the absolute opposite of this, but just the fact that it’s been said breaks my heart. One of my sisters has Down’s Syndrome, and just hearing that opinions like that are out there causes me so much pain.

    So, I went to look up where the quote had come from and Google came to the rescue. It’s from Yahoo Answers here:

    I was incredibly relieved to see that EVERY recommended response defended liberty and respect for children – with thankfully no mention of disabled children. Even the few misguided answers which thought that people’s reproductive freedoms should be curtailed claimed they had protecting children from ‘abusive’ parents as their aim. Which is still obviously very wrong and misguided, but at least has what they believe to be children’s interests at heart. I was so, so relieved to see this.

    With respect – I know first-hand the awful attitudes to the disabled that are out there. They cause me and my family tremendous pain. Noone knows better than us the need to protect the rights of the disabled and show people again and again what joy they give us. We are so lucky to have my sister.

    BUT, I have to say, I do not think that implying people say that Downs Syndrome kids are “cancerous trash” when they HAVEN’T said that is the best way to protect our disabled children. It has caused me great pain and distress just to think about it. I know that confronting these attitudes necessitates pain and distress – but believe me, I get enough of that as it is. I don’t need any more.

    Eep. I think I should probably take a break from blog-land. I’m sure I’m overreacting – this whole topic just makes me very emotional. It’s not theoretical for me, you know? Just, in future, please please think before you dredge up random internet stranger’s views, and then make those views even worse than they are? I was relieved to see that most random people on Yahoo Answers – virtually all in fact – do NOT think like this. I just question the wisdom of a post which implies they all do, and causes such pain, when it doesn’t seem necessary.

    Sorry to have gone on and on. Taking a break now! Going to take a walk with my husband and read my Bible. God bless.

  3. Yes, it was just a poll.

    The reason I wrote “a lot of people feel this way”…is that in discussing this topic with a mixed group of friends, several of them piped in..”you know, there are actually a lot of people who believe that”…and then went on to tell me about things they had come across in their college studies that reinforced the statement.

    Also, I propose to you that the very fact it was even spoken out loud, by anyone, is evidence of where thinking gravitates once we allow certain other practices (abortion, etc.)

    I’m trying to demonstrate the very obvious “slippery slope” our thinking takes. Genetic engineering? Selective abortions? Partial birth abortions? Doctors encouraging women to stop having children after 2 because “it’s better for the environment”?

    These are all trends creeping in that we would never have thought possible.

    Limiting children based on IQ? I think it’s entirely plausible that many, many are thinking in that direction.

    The post is a simple warning to keep a check on our thoughts, and refuse “cultural intelligence” as a basis for truth.

  4. Very sorry, Claire. I feel the same hurt–having friends with disabilities, when I read something like this.

    And it’s precisely what makes me so passionate about this topc–there is no end to our irrationality when it comes to birth control! I want people to understand how serious it is. How we can’t sit back and wait for things to get out of hand (like they have in so many other areas) and then scream…it’s too late by then.

    Do you know I’m saying? But I certainly didn’t mean to hurt you. I’ll reword that part of the post for others as well.

  5. What would our world be like without those precious children with down syndrome? In their innocence they bring sunshine every time I see them. There is an adorable girl with D.S. here in our town who I see at the library quite a bit. She is always smiling. I love that.
    That’s what people are missing when they choose to abort people with disabilities. They are missing out on huge blessings.

  6. I recently got into a conversation with a woman in which she expressed anger that Neil Young had handicapped children. She claimed that he should have not allowed that they be born. It was a very odd experience to say the least.

  7. On the subject of handicapped children…don’t even get me started 😉 (I guess I got myself started!)

    I feel so strongly about this. I believe God has ordained that the “weaker” creatures of the world are the very heart of it. What a frightening, awful place the world would be without these messengers of God!

    It’s another one of His wonderful ironies: “In my weakness, He is strong.”

    One of the most profound books I’ve ever read is “The Power of the Powerless”…a story, told by a brother of a “vegetable”, by the world’s standards. The mother had inhaled harmful gases while pregnant, and it destroyed much of the unborn child’s brain. He could only lie in bed, eat and make noises.

    The brother tells what a profound and life-changing impact his handicapped brother had on their family, neighbor, community, and ultimately the whole world.

    After the brother had published an article about their family in a big newspaper, letters poured in from all over the world–many from prominent dignataries. Lives that had been changed.

    This weak, helpless child had had a bigger impact on the world than most “important, successful” people ever hoped to.

    All that to say, it sickens me–infuriates me, that doctors are suggesting women who are pregnant with a disabled child have an abortion.

    I’ve heard of women, (thanks to that “wonderful medical addition of a test” that pregnant women are given to conclude–inaccuractly– whether their baby is abnormal), aborting a child who was found to be missing a finger!

    God have mercy on a nation that would even consider discarding a human He has “fearfully and wonderfully made”…

    For more inspiration on this topic, if you haven’t seen it, you MUST watch this video:

  8. Regardless of rather this was a poll or not, the words, “cancerous societal trash” really disturb my mind. This could extend to quite an amount of people (e.g., those with disabilities, people of color, those who believe in the word of God, etc.).

    I agree with Kelly. just the fact that someone is thinking in this matter could mean that others might be on the “same band wagon,” even if it’s just a small one.

    The thought of taking IQ tests and sterilizing couples with IQ’s with less than 100 I find appauling!

    But at the same time, Christians should not be shocked at this. The bible tells us about there will come a time when people will be lovers of themselves other than God. Here is just another example for us, giving in the form of a “warning.”

  9. I recently read an essay from someone (a distant relative, non-Christian) who had just come back from a trip from China. They said, “The kids there are very cute–the One Child law makes each as valuable as gold, and the Mamas and Papas guard and watch and guide them like gold!” So… here in the US, where children are able to come freely, they’re NOT as valuable as gold? My heart breaks for those parents in China who shoulder that burden. I was appalled to see the one-child law spoken of to imply positive benefits! 🙁

  10. Even if it was a silly Yahoo Answers thing, I know people think this way. You meet plenty of them and see them in the media.

    Adolf Hitler really would be proud.

    It really makes my heart sink to think about how many “inferior” people would be walking among us today if they had not been exterminated for not being Aryan enough or up to some demented quality standard.

  11. I know of a european country that will let premature babies die instead of giving them the care they need. The cost of long term care is too great in their eyes.

  12. I think it’s important to “out” ideas like this. A huge problem in the Christian community is “blissful ignorance” and apathy. Too many Christians don’t know whats going on. They live in this little world of church on Sunday and Wednesday, AMEN.
    I am appalled at the amount of people, CHRISTIANS, who don’t think abortion is wrong in EVERY instance. CHRISTIANS, who brag about sterilization after their one or two kids. Not for medical reasons but just because they wanted a better quality of life for themselves.
    Children are not thought of as a blessing here. They are considered something you do after you get married. Get married, check! Have two kids, maybe three, but no more, check! Hand those children over to someone else (school and church and peers) to raise, check! Grow old and put away enough money to retire and live happily ever after, check! Move to a community full of nothing but old people and see our grandchildren on holidays, check!

    Thanks for raising awareness that this idea is even out there! It has to start somewhere.

  13. K, this is old. I have to comment anyway. It’s not like our nation never had a Supreme Court justice capable of writing the words “three generations of imbeciles are enough.” It’s happened in the past, and we have not “evolved” as a race since then, and never will. I think it was perfectly reasonable for you to highlight a conversation like this. If it is being discussed as scandal today (or five years ago, as it were), it could easily be common thought in 10 years. And it probably will be, now that every pregnant woman’s business will be every taxpayer’s business, thanks to Obamacare. Good Lord, help us.

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