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When this blog first started, it was entitled “Birth Control: The Great Debate”. If you haven’t gone through the archives, or are a new reader interested in this subject, I wrote extensively on it at the beginning.

One article in particular was the one a commenter (Elizabeth) referred to a few days ago. She said it was a very influential article for her (and they just had twins after having been on birth control prior to that post!) Her “story” is also in the archives, and some comments peppered throughout those posts. I thought some of you may enjoy this one specifically.

Here is that post: “Just Imagine if They Had Not Been Born”

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  1. Kelly,

    I just love this post. It made me cry the first time I read it.

    I know my friend Marty wouldn’t mind me copying and pasting her latest blog entry either. She didn’t want to be pregnant, yet again, with the baby referred to below several months ago….
    They have all boys and she and her hubby thought they were “done”.

    In regards to God providing… read her blog entry… I’ll put it in quotes:

    “IT’S A…..
    …..GIRL!!!! Can you believe it? I feel like I’m lying every time I tell someone the baby is a girl. I have yet to wrap my head around it! Larry is the happiest daddy in the world today.

    God is so good!! Larry was given a raise today…the first in 8 years!!! His company didn’t even know we were expecting another child. The Lord and His timing…..!!!!

    I’ll try to think of more to say later when I’m not in a state of shock!

    Love to all!

    I don’t think Larry’s raise was coincidence.. do you? Just think of all the blessings they would have missed otherwise…………

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