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The longer I’m a mother, the more profoundly the Lord reveals His divine plan.

“Honor your father and mother.” Seems simple enough to teach to our children.

Have you looked around lately?

Are children generally honoring their parents?

“Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.”

That is really all children are commanded to do. This is the foundational instruction we are given as parents–to teach our children to obey and honor us.

Now hold on to this–this is BIG.

As I reflect on our discussions of what’s happening in the church today–that is, people turning away from the truth of Scripture, formulating their own “truth”, adjusting it to fit what feels good to them–in a word, rebelling against God, I have to ask–why is this problem so prevalent?

People have always sought their own way, but the church as a whole has never seen this level of diversity over truth.


A child who questions his parents’ authority will question God’s. A child who “knows better” than his parents will disregard what God has said. A child who doesn’t reverence and respect the word of his parents will not reverence God’s. Simple.

As I specifically talk to mothers on this blog, I would encourage you to have a renewed sense of vision for your calling.

Of all the things we talk about as being an important part of our jobs as mothers, what could be more important than directly shaping how our children will relate to God and truth as adults???

If you think your job isn’t profoundly important, consider that to what degree you require your young children to obey you will directly affect their relationship with the Almighty! That’s huge!

And consider this…it’s not just about your own children and grandchildren. Imagine that your child grows up to be a pastor or teacher of the gospel. If his ability to obey the truth is impaired, oh what an impairment that is as he leads thousands astray!

But what a privilege!

May it cause us to be all the more vigilant and humble as we seek wisdom and strength each day.

And let us remember first things first–raising brilliant children is fine, but not priority. Getting them to art or piano lessons is fine, but it’s not what really matters.

Teaching them to love the Lord is paramount. The other stuff is hay and stubble. And in His infinite wisdom, God knew the best way to establish that connection between our children and Him, was through the “bridge” of their parents. In obeying us, they learn to obey Him.

And early on, that obedience is to be expected without question and without hesitation.

Teaching my children to obey is not to make me look good in the grocery store and family reunions.

Teaching my children to obey will directly affect their relationship with God, and ultimately affects an entire society.

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  1. Kelly, this is a profound truth that God began revealing to me just yesterday afternoon. Thank you for posting this message. It is very, very true.

  2. Wow! Thank you for this great post!

    You’re so right-a woman’s calling as wife, mother and homemaker is of paramount importance! The saying “Whoever rocks the cradle rules the world” is SO true!

    This post was very convicting for me. I’m an unmarried young woman(I’m only 15) and so am under my father’s roof(and will be until marriage!). Obedience is still something I struggle with at times. I find myself waiting to obey until it’s conventient for me, istead of obeying my parents’ orders as soon as they’re voiced. The Lord’s really been showing me the error of my ways in this area, and He used this great post to teach and convict me even further of the huge importance of happily, joyfully, and wholeheartedly obeying my parents. Once again, thank you for this post!

    This post also encourages me as I am currently preparing myself to one day be a wife, mother and homemaker. I will remember the wise words of this post when I, in the future, (Lord willing) find myself teaching obedience to my own little blessings.

    Thank you again for a great post!

    All for His glory alone,
    Rebekah Ann

  3. I love the name of your blog! I spent some time looking around as it was the first time for me, and it’s great what I’ve seen.

  4. Kelly, you will really enjoy Tonya’s post today at: I’m thinking of adding a link to it on my own blog. It’s just that good of an overview of our job as Christian parents.

    As for your post, excellent! As parents are our first authority it stands to reason that if we haven’t learned to respect their authority, we won’t respect God’s.

  5. I have been enjoying your blog for a couple of weeks. Today’s post is one that I see so often and understand the importance of my role as a mother to my children. I wish so many other parents I know had this understanding. God Bless Lisa

  6. What you said about parents being concerned about making their child “brilliant” resonates with me. I personally find it a little nauseating how many parents try to make their kids be the next Albert Einstien or worse yet, the next Mick Jagger. Granted there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be smart and/ or talented and playing an instrument or whatever but can we teach kids to learn the rules before they break them with their “brilliance”?

    I said this to two different moms in just the last month. I often get questioned about why I expect first time obedience every time from my kids and that was my exact answer. 🙂
    So many moms today are afraid that expecting obedience without question is too harsh or lacks grace. I know this is not the case. Grace has a place in parenting but God is very direct in his commands for children to obey and honor their parents. Thank you for this post.

  8. I am new to this blog and have just read several pages, one after another. Repeated is this idea of great importance placed upon teaching children to honor parents. I couldn’t agree more. Yet, I am looking for some instruction or illustration on how to do so. I am thinking that perhaps honoring parents is somewhat the sum of all teaching and training, or perhaps just the training part. Any thoughts on the how of this great task?

  9. Thanks so much for the comments! I always get happy when I’m on a website or on TV ( I’m not usually on TV though.) And I’m being mentioned I’d like to meet you and your son though. Thanks again!

  10. This is excellent! I’d love a post with suggestions on how to train them to obey. 🙂 With examples if you have them. That seems to be where we’re stuck right now.

    Great post!

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