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Just a short comment today…I am in awe and wonder of the Lord’s creativity, His “surprises”, His expressions of love to us through our children. Perhaps it’s my never-ending desire for “something different”, for another creative expression, that has given strength to my belief to accept all of God’s gifts of children.

I used to believe as families had more children, you know, beyond what they could reasonably “pay attention to”, that surely their love waned for each additional child. I can’t believe I actually use to believe that!

God’s grace in this area is so rich and beautiful! I have found the opposite to be true. With each child He has given me, I have felt more tender towards my children, more capacity to love, more astounded by the mystery of life and the uniqueness of each child, more prone to tears of gratitude upon the birth of a new baby.

Praise God for His indescribable gifts! How full my life is, and how thankful I am that He has led me to embrace the riches and treasures of people rather than those fading riches of the world.

OK, so it wasn’t so short…reservation is not exactly my gift 🙂

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  1. I completely agree with you here. My love has deepened, and grown more mature with each blessing from the Lord. With my first ones, I loved them immensely…I took them places, and created all kinds of wonderful memories for them because that is what love meant to me at the time. My subsequent children perhaps haven’t had a million trips to the zoo (although they have enjoyed a trip or two), but they have benefitted from a more mature love that has become more tender, more aware of heart issues, seasoned from growth in the Lord. I cuddle more with them, worry less about unimportant things, and have a sharper vision for what the Lord wants for our family. We still make memories and occasionally are able to go places, but they really enjoy just being home together as a family, practicing hospitality, and serving the Lord. As my arms have grown long with blessings of children, so has my capacity to love and to truly appreciate each child’s uniqueness and giftedness. DON’T stop having children because you think you couldn’t possibly love them all or have enough time to lavish on each one…it is a lie from the enemy!

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