Generation Cedar

Is it hard sometimes? Sure it is…like all things that are worth anything in life. Being a full time wife and mom to six children is challenging, especially as my pregnant belly begins to impair me and make my feet swell if I’m up too much.

And I fail. Sometimes, miserably. I get impatient, I lose my temper, I scold for accidents, when a forgiving glance is in order.

The dishes are often piled up on the cabinet. The floor ALWAYS needs to be mopped. I get my priorities upside down. Children disobey, forget, and we start all over again tomorrow.

But then a brown-skinned little girl with an angelic expression asks me, “Mommy, can I sit on your wap?” Or my oldest daughter tells me to sit down while she cleans up from supper…or I just watch the excitement on my son’s face as he discovers a new “creature”…or the baby points intently at a book and babbles in quiet up and down tones, knowing exactly what she is saying.

I feel the soft punches of a new life inside me. She’s a brand new thought of God, and she’s the heartbeat of the love between my husband and me…

How can this not be the greatest life? The glorious opportunity to see them and be with them, and read to them, and laugh with them, and love with them, and learn with them–every minute of the day?!!!

Motherhood! To know these little people are going to grow up into men and women, and God has given me a small span of time to press my fingerprints all over them!

When I’m away from them only a short time, my arms ache to hold them, my fingers long to caress their soft faces. This is God’s blessed gift…this is the abundant life.

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  1. You mean it’s ok to fail? LOL!

    Thanks for this today. It is nice to hear. I think sometimes, we sit back and look at other large families and imagine that Mom has it all together. Then we let ourselves think that we’re failing miserably.

    Thanks for providing a little perspective on this.

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