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It seems that in an attempt to discourage parents from having more children, Satan has used every reason under the sun. One of which is trying to convince us that children are a drain on the family’s economy. There is partial truth to this assumption…because of our warped thinking and materialistic appetites, we have created unrealistic expectations that do, indeed, cause a drain on the family. However, our appetites drain the family’s income with or without children. We want more, must have more, and will do anything to accomplish getting more. Thus, each child born into the “want-more family” naturally demands more of the income. Add to that the notion that somehow it is damaging for children to work and share in the economy, it’s no wonder “we can’t afford more children”.

Is this the biblical view of children? If not preventing children is considered irresponsible or reckless behavior, then why did God say he would multiply the children of Israel while they were slaves living in abject poverty? There is not one case in the Bible where believers limited the number of their children based on economic conditions. Does God care more that we are driving a modern automobile and providing our children with the latest gadgets and comforts, or that we are perpetuating a godly heritage for the next generation? What is real wealth? And, what are we saying to our children about their worth, or teaching them about contentment and the importance of life?

If we could ever grasp the reality of what God intended the home full of children to be, the church would look so dramatically different! Beginning with the lesson of contentment, we should help our children to become satisfied with less. Not deprived, by any means, but children do not know that “more is better” unless we feed that lie. Children are perfectly content with their own imaginations until we starve the imagination with stuff. (Ponder that paradox!)

Next, if mom (and Dad when possible) would return to the home, making it the center of industry and production, there is no limit to what a family can do! Children learn to work, be part of a team, and realize their importance as they contribute to the family’s income. At the same time, they can study the art of stewardship, resourcefulness, frugality. The whole family works together saving Dad’s money, and finding ways to increase earnings by assisting him. It may be through homemade gifts, or just creative ways to carve the budget. But when a child understands that his role in the family economy is important, tremendous life lessons are embedded.

Of course a lot more plays into this concept than just what I’ve mentioned. Children must have hearts that are turned toward home and family before these principles can be wholly exercised. I would go so far as to say it is almost impossible, without homeschooling, to implement these principles; simply because children who are mostly peer-influenced are not going to have a vision for “family economy”. They just want the “stuff” their friends have, and their hearts are mostly geared toward their peers.

It’s all kind of a snow-ball effect. When the family is segregated, every aspect of life must be altered to accommodate the selfish demands of each member…home becomes merely a “drop-off” station and a place to sleep. I don’t believe the Lord ever intended this to be the case. We must back-track our lives to understand that one thing leads to another. What is really important to us? Are we willing to do what is necessary, even against the current of the culture, to bring it to fruition?

While we’re on the subject of economy, I’ll post a Frugal Friday tip for the day…

Recently we needed new checks, so I browsed the net for the best deal. I found that if I ordered checks at that I got a discount for being a first-time customer. But even better than that, if I signed up for some “club” thing which I could cancel before they charged me any money, I got a $20 rebate. The long and short of it was that I bought 2 boxes of checks for $18.00, and received a $20 check in the mail a few weeks later. I actually made money on my purchase! Gotta love it!
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