Generation Cedar

“The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”…that famous quote (was is Winston Churchill?) holds a profound truth. At the time, of course, that “hand” was referring to the mother. It made perfect sense that when a mother, from the birth of her infant, poured her life into the teaching, training and instruction of character of her children, those children would grow up strong and highly influential in their world. It was this vision that lent such value upon a child…knowing that a child was a new generation in the making.

The fact is still true, but we have handed over that tremendous influence and power to others…to “the system”. The National Education Association is pushing for “academic programs from birth to graduation”. If that doesn’t scare you, you are being deceived. Why do you think they want our children “from birth”? Because the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. We are headed quickly toward a socialistic, government-controlled society. If you don’t believe me, do some research. The Marxist movement is still alive and well, cleverly-disguised as “no child left behind”. And we all clap and cheer for the great job our government is doing of taking care of our children. Baloney.

Mothers and Fathers…that’s the hope of a future generation. If we want to remain a free, prosperous nation, we will snap out of our apathetic stupor and regain control of our children. We will lay aside our selfish pursuits and embrace the brief opportunity that is given us with our children. We will pour our lives into them, passing on valor, honor, responsibility, and the love of Christ to them.

We have but a small window of opportunity to impact this world. When our lives are over, only that which we have done for the Kingdom of God will last. Only that which we have imparted to our children will last. Only the part of us that we have transferred to them will continue to live and be passed on to another generation.

If you want to live profoundly, rock the cradle.
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  1. Wow! That is bold and so true.
    We should wonder why this Big Government so badly wants to take charge of our children. We should equate children with the future of the world. We, too, should see their priceless value. We should not even say that they are a burden, but rather are all our strength, and the only human strength of the future. Again, why shove them off of our schedules; why not let them live and prosper, to be the future of this world? If we do not fiercely demand to retain the right to keep our own children and to instruct them the way we think is best, we will have lost the future, and the system of anti-Christ will have won our next generations.

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