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Based on the recent post about negative health effects of birth control, and positive health effects of having children and breast feeding, I wanted to provide some evidence for our readers. There are many websites and sources that provide information about these topics. But I will provide a few below that I thought were easy and clear to read. provided summaries of research that show not having children at all, or having your first child after the age of 30, increases a woman’s risk of getting breast cancer. Also, having multiple children, having children at a younger age, and breast feeding (especially longer than a year), could decrease a woman’s chance of breast cancer by half. states that birth control pills have been proven to significantly increase a woman’s chance of getting breast cancer. The doctor writing this article explains that doctors are reluctant to tell women of this risk because contraceptives are such a “money-spinner that they get in the way of the risks”. is a site that tells of the frightening effects of a contraceptive patch called “Ortho Evra”. Side effects such as fatal or non-fatal blood clots, heart attacks, and death were listed. Another effect of this type of contra. is the abortifacient property. That means, that in some cases, the woman may get pregnant, but the patch prevents implantation of the fertilized egg, which causes a spontaneous abortion, unbeknownst to her.

Which brings me to my next point about birth control pills: The birth control pill sometimes causes spontaneous abortions from the same effect as described above. THIS FACT IS NOT DISCUSSED WITH WOMEN BY THEIR DOCTORS. If you want evidence, just look it up. There are many studies that have concluded this finding. For the Christian woman, it is our duty to know what we are doing to our bodies and to our unborn children. Ignorance is not a sufficient excuse. Satan is subtle; he has found ways to kill our unborn children without our even knowing it! Let’s be vigilant in making our friends aware of these atrocities.

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  1. Preach it, sister! So many people don’t realize there is a hidden agenda in the medical field. Thank you so much for your FACTS!!!

  2. GREAT JOB Kelly! Perhaps you could put a section on your side bar referring to these links? This way they would always be right there and available??? :o)

    My first baby was conceived just a few days after stopping the pill. I was NEVER informed of any dangers. I went to Planned Parenthood, I was young, single and ignorant! I was also a major feminist. Where would I be without grace?

    My baby was born with birth defects to each of her major organs, she lived a day and a half. Later, while taking part in a bereavement support group, we became friends with an NICU nurse. She told me she would be one bit surprised if the pill is what happened to our precious baby. She also said you will never be able to get a doctor to admit to it because it is such a huge money maker.

    One thing I love about my family doctor now is that he will not prescribe the pill to anyone. Praise the Lord for God fearing, honest doctors!

  3. Don’t think that just because a doctor will not prescribe the pill means they are a good doctor.

    I went to a doctor’s office which would not prescribe birth control or be involved with abortion. We found this office after a meticulous search and we had to drive an hour to get there.

    This doctor refused to believe that I was having early miscarriages. I believed her until I got a positive pregnancy test and she still denied it.

    The reproductive endocrinologist I am seeing now is at least willing to believe me and listen to my concerns, although I do not know his personal beliefs. So I would urge people that even if they have a Christian doctor, don’t be afraid to get a second opinion if what that doctor is saying does not gibe right.

    I’m not saying that Christian doctors are worse, just that you know more about your body than a doctor can sometimes.

  4. I don’t think there is necessarily a hidden agenda with doctors. I just think doctors don’t think it’s a priority (which is sad). And also, there have been no clinical trials to conclude they are in fact an abortifacient (at least not that I’m aware of).

    However, in my eyes, the proof is right there in the little pamphlet full of medical terminology that you get with your package of pills/patches/ring/IUDS. A simple Google search brings you to hundreds of websites who will tell you the same thing. I think, more then the doctors, it’s the pharmaceutical companies who are deceiving the medical community and women and making a killing (literally).

    Honestly, my beef isn’t with the Planned Parenthood agenda (mainly because they aren’t coming from a Biblical point of view). It’s with the evangelical churches who continue to let this lie perpetuate their congregations, who refuse to stand up for what’s right. It’s the pastors who counsel their engaged couples to take the pill when they’re married to give them time time to “get to know each other”. It’s the individuals who know Christ, who claim to be pro-life, yet they willingly take the pill and abort an unknown number of babies every year. All because they aren’t willing to “Let go and Let God.” Doing God’s will isn’t always easy. But it is certainly worth it.

    And you know, I praise God for making me aware of this. I thank Him everyday that He opened my eyes. I tried to (tactfully) share this information with my family and they blew me off. In fact, my newlywed sister-in-law (a conservative Christian girl…”pro-life”) told me flat out that she’s taking the pill and I can’t stop her. I’ve done what I can. But it breaks my heart to know that she is now knowingly risking aborting a conceived child every month. And she’s rather smug about it too. She’s not going to risk ending up like me (pregnant with baby #5 and no official “career”). It’s sad. She’s so anti-child that they have even investigated getting a vasectomy (at age 24!!). And if they do in fact have no children, who is going to be responsible for them when they are old? Who is going to be at their bedside in the nursing home? MY CHILDREN! By then, they will be very thankful that we had all of these kids.

    Between my husband and I, we have three siblings. None of them want kids. All of them were raised in a Southern Baptist church. All of them attended the same Christian college. All of them think children are a curse. All of them think my husband and I are “ruining our life” and we are just not educated enough to make a good decision. How sad.

    I, for one, am happy to not take the pill. I’m happy to give God control. My “career” is ordained by God to be the shepard to His precious children. Is there any greater honor? Every little life is worth it. Every single one.

  5. It is so sad to hear about losses and about the consequences of uninformed decisions and about scandal! The more that hear the truth, the better. I hope that hearing these facts and testimonies will save lives and help moms and dads to realize these dangers. Each child is a miracle and a blessing!

  6. All of your comments have been so encouraging! Thank you all for your support of this blog. Speaking truth that is counter-culture is not easy to do. But I refuse to bow to the “father of lies” who has so many in his grip. I feel compelled to keep speaking out about my beliefs, and I encourage each of you to do the same. We are fighting a serious war. We must be courageous soldiers…warriors, gentle but strong.

    -Word Warrior

  7. Just want to thank you for this post, even though I already commented. You inspired me to post in my LJ, which I have not done in a long time. I think that anyone who is honest with themselves, except perhaps some people who are still (erroneously) afraid of a population explosion, would agree that doctors need to be giving the truth to their patients about how the pill really works.

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