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(A note regarding the last blog: Just to clear things up, my last post was fuzzy about Sanger being the “inventor” of birth control, which she is not. Sanger was merely the mother of the movement…the one who campaigned to make the use of birth control a common, accepted practice.)

For those who didn’t know…

  • Most methods of birth control are damaging, in some way, to a woman’s health. The Pill, specifically, carries a host of dangers with it, and increases a woman’s chance of getting cancer.
  • Pregnancy hormones are believed to combat illness such as cancer, in women.
  • Breast-feeding has been found to decrease a woman’s chance of getting breast cancer. The more she breast-feeds, the less her risk.

Contrary to the language many doctors use regarding pregnancy (“at your age”…), pregnancy is a state of HEALTH. I praise God for His perfect provision regarding our health. His ways our true and right!

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  1. Hey Kelly!

    Have you ever listened to George Grant’s talk about Sanger? It is VERY eye opening, actually sickening! She led a horrible, sinful life and she has taken many down with her.

    Keep up the good work here!

  2. It does seem odd that we would put chemicals in our bodies to keep them from working as they were intended.

    It seems even more odd if we believe we were created by a perfect God and that all of His works are wonderful.

  3. perhaps you wouldn’t mind citing your sources? if your information is true, it ought to be verifiable and i, for one, would be deeply interested in reading the research you reference.

  4. I agree with this 1000%!! I always feel better in my pregnancies than I do when I’m not. I feel alive, like I’m fulfilling the purpose for which I was created. I LOVE hearing about how the Father has made pregnancy and breastfeeding for the good of the mother as well as the baby. He is just AWESOME and I’ve never been more in awe of Him than learning about the human body, namely pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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