Generation Cedar

“I was an accident.” Have you ever heard someone say that? Oh, it just sends pains through my stomach to hear it. Of course the speaker is referring to the fact that his parents didn’t “plan” for his birth, or didn’t expect it, for whatever reason. And worse than hearing someone say it of themselves, I’ve even heard parents say it referring to their own child!

Life is no accident. Never. In the worst of circumstances–rape, incest, adultery, fornication–the life itself, even born out of every possible evil, is never an accident. We are so smug to think that WE create life. Isn’t that really the underlying problem? If we think we create children, then it is OK to prevent them. Either way, it’s our decision.

But, we do NOT create life, and therefore to purposely prevent it is like, well, did you ever see the movie “Back to the Future” where the characters were able to manipulate circumstances in order to change the future? That’s what I think of when I think of preventing children. If you could lunge into the future, and look at things if we let God control life, it would be so vastly different than it is now.

Or, pick up an old photograph–let’s say one of all the men who were at the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Then imagine taking birth control and its accompanying philosophy of children back to that era. Now take your eraser and begin rubbing out all the men who would be gone. Scary. Leave the big stuff up to God.

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