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20 Thoughts on Birth Control for Christians

by Kelly Crawford

  1. Evangelicals “Late to the Discussion of Birth Control”
  2. America After 50 Years of the Pill
  3. Going Green With Everything! (Except the Womb)
  4. The Birth Control Pill Causing Abortion?
  5. Prevention: Isn’t that for things we don’t like?
  6. What is God’s heart concerning children?
  7. The Irony of Deception…(they call me crazy?)
  8. What We [the church] Used to Believe About Birth Control…It May Shock You
  9. Birth Control and the Hard Stuff….
  10. Birth Control…a Neutral Issue?
  11. Crying Out for More Children?
  12. Does God See a Life Before Conception?
  13. Is Birth Control the Church’s Business?
  14. Dying to Live
  15. Quiver Full by Default
  16. How Should Christians Think About Birth Control?
  17. Does God Have an Opinion on Birth Control?
  18. Connecting the Dots: Is Birth Control Just a Personal Issue?
  19. More on Birth Control and The Sovereignty of God over Life
  20. The Church That Turns Visitors Away


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Mrs. S August 1, 2012 - 4:22 pm

I really like how you put this all in one spot since I come here a lot for encouragement on this subject.

Word Warrior August 3, 2012 - 8:05 am

Mrs. S…thank you for letting me know that is helpful! I loved this idea when I saw it on another site and so I copied it 😉

Sarah Dickison August 26, 2012 - 4:34 pm

Thank you. Very helpful !

Robin at This Mom Follows God January 15, 2013 - 9:53 pm

It’s post like this that makes me wish I still had a facebook!!! Love this!

-- l February 2, 2013 - 8:23 pm

Birth Control is oppressive and dangerous to a women’s health:

Please read Rethinking Reproductive Health: http://www.westonaprice.org/womens-health/rethinking-reproductive-health

It is also healthier for women to have babies and nurse them: it prevents breast cancer (if they breastfeed their babies) and encourages anti-aging hormones to secrete, among many other things.

God’s design is perfect.

Anytime we try to manipulate Nature to serve ourselves, there will ALWAYS be negative side effects.

This is especially true in how we try to adulterate food to make it cheaper and “easier” and the ones who are suffering the most our our children. A snotty nosed sickly child who cries and whines all the time is NOT the natural state of childhood. No wonder so many singles and young married people do not want children.

As Christians discuss birth control, we should also discuss how to raise children who truly are a “blessing” as God intended. The natural state of childhood – when they are fed nutrient dense foods, get enough sleep, do not watch TV, and get plenty of time to run in fresh air – is a child who simply glows, does not get frequent colds, etc, is happy all the time, and compliant. If a child is not like this, then something is wrong: poor diet, not enough sleep, over-scheduled, media exposure, academics pushed too early and not enough time playing in a natural setting outside.

nicole April 25, 2013 - 10:37 pm

I just wanted to say to Kelly ….this blog has made me re think how I am raising my 2 children and how I want to live a more Natural “the way God intended” kind of life. My husband has always liked the idea of a simpler way of life, I was raised with a stay at home mom who was a wonderful mom watched us like a hawk and taught us about Jesus and how to live a holy life, I went to a Christian school my entire life, and was always in church =), I strayed from it all but God has brought me back to a place where I want to do His Will and what he wants for our lives, and especially to give my children a wonderful life centered in Jesus! I am a stay at home mom, I have always wanted to be one, but wanted all the materialistic things along with it, but God has really been changing my heart about this from reading your blog and other Christian women similar to yours, I really feel convicted about these things…. birth control, homeschooling, a natural simpler ay of life…so all of that to say this ….thank you!!!!!!!!!!=)

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