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HELP! I’m Considering Homeschooling and I Don’t Know Where to Start

So, this year has gone crazy and you're thinking about homeschooling, but it scares you to death? Take a deep breath--you're not alone! I remember when I first decided. I couldn't believe I was actually going to take this leap into the unknown. I read, I listened, I worried, I second-guessed. As a veteran home-school mom of 19 ...

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What to Do When You are Paralyzed by Your Problems

(Note: I wrote this post in 2017 and never published it. Maybe too personal at the time? But perhaps it could encourage someone reading now, so I decided to publish it.) It was night and you know problems loom larger at night. But this wasn't just any problem. It was an ongoing, keep-you-up-at-night, "I don't know ...

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Kick Start Your Homeschool Journey and Get Big Results

Quarantine. Self-isolation. Lock down. These are some pretty unfun words. If you are stuck at home, it's not easy to watch your children fall behind in their education – or to know when the uncertainty will end. You want to help them study but it's not so straightforward when you don't know the lesson plans ...

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Motherhood Devotional Book Half Price Through Friday

I have a limited supply of my motherhood devotional books so grab yours before they're gone! Go HERE to get it half price.

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Hurricane Relief For Our Friend & His Missing Family


UPDATE: Josh located his family today, 5 days after the storm. I don't know many details, but the relief crew is still going with supplies to assist families in the area. With the tremendous damage left int he wake of the Houston flood and now Irma, opportunities abound to extend love and practical help to so ...

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Get Your Awesome Motherhood T-shirt & Help Me Color My Husband’s World

A little known fact about my incredible, loving, hard-working, selfless husband is that he is losing his eyesight. He has retinitis pigmentosa, and while the degree of vision loss varies from person to person, it is certain he'll lose all his peripheral with only some remaining tunnel sight, if he retains any. We are praying for that. Not ...

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Let’s Be Real: “I Don’t Do it All”

Today I have the privilege of sharing some of my personal realness at the blog, Baking Humble Pie, run by Bethany, a virtual friend of mine whom I met here, as she as read and commented over the years. As she recovers with her new baby, she has posted a fabulous series called, "I Don't ...

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Motherhood: It’s Not Just Something I Am

It's hard for me to understand how the masses became convinced that motherhood was a "peripheral" job. In an interview I recently had, I concluded: Being a wife and mother is not just something we ARE; it's something we DO. And that changes everything. Because that "doing" is magnanimous. What we do, that is, what we are ...

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Conversations About Learning: Is School Good For Us?

Conversations About Learning Is School Good For Us

Enjoy these fascinating, thought-provoking articles by Roger Schank about our current educational system: "Somehow we accept school as a painful experience of no real relevance to our lives and we talk about what we liked when we mean what we disliked least. And we talk about school’s relevance by assuming it provided “the basics” when we really ...

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Technology: What is Convenience Costing Us?

It's interesting to think about the challenges each generation faces. Our grandparents probably couldn't have imagined a world where we have access to virtually every source of information, every buying opportunity and every social conversation in the world. And while this advancement is good in so many ways, like everything else, it has grave pitfalls. The ...

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