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Is Genesis History? Returning to Theaters ONE Night Only! + HUGE Creation Science Bundle Giveaway! (You Don’t Want to Miss This)

  Coming back to theaters, for one night only, is the unique, theatrical event, Is Genesis History, where Del Tackett explores the beauty of God’s creation. And to celebrate the anniversary, Compass Classroom (which a site we use and LOVE for History) is giving away a HUGE Creation Science Bundle of goodies! Click HERE to enter. >>The giveaway is ...

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What if Math is Overrated? (Seriously.)

As my daughter slogs through another fraction problem, I explain it one more time, and she asks me when she'll use it again. I assure her (read: repeat what other people say) there will be plenty of opportunities to add fractions and she (rightly) reminds me that she will have her calculator/computer/Google to work the problem. And ...

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The Proper View of Family (Are We Too “Inward Focused?”)

The Proper View of Family. Are We Too Inward Focused?

I haven't been able to stop thinking about something a (Christian) commenter said on a recent post, "Learning to Think Rightly About Birth Control": "I really struggle with labeling the family as “the ripe mission” field and creating a “mini-church” in the family. Honestly this is probably the main reason I don’t homeschool beyond preschool–it’s a little to inward ...

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Why I Let My Daughter Take A Video Before Math

"Don't do that--you haven't done your 'school' yet." I've been guilty of saying that before. But no more. Math (or whatever subject) is a small part of the big picture, and I'm DONE with our society treating these few things (the curriculum) like they are paramount to these other hundreds of amazing things. And you should be ...

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Watch My Session Today About Getting Rid of Homeschool Stress at the Homeschool Teaching Summit

  Is Homeschooling Stressing You Out? Kelly Crawford, 10:30 AM CST • A Closer Look at “School” vs. “Education” Jesus • How traditional “schooling” doesn’t work • Educating your children effectively AND stress-free Register Now to Watch for Free Need a homeschool-year-energy-boost? The Homeschool Teaching Summit (a free online event October 16-21) will bring you exclusive, Christ-centered encouragement, parenting help, and life-balance guidance to refresh ...

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Join Me for the Homeschool Summit–a FREE, Online Homeschooling Conference | 25+ Speakers Offer Practical Homeschooling Advice

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The Homeschool Advantage: Relax, You’re Already a Teacher

Are you a homeschooling mom who is always worried that you're not doing it right, measuring your methods against the conventional classroom? Researchers tell us that the ideal teaching situation is one teacher for one or a few students; so by default, the one teacher per classroom full of students is NOT the ideal, it's just ...

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Homeschooling Just Got Simpler! (Come See Our New Site)

Over the past year I have wanted to build another website/blog that was exclusively homeschooling, a place where my passion about the simple, relaxed homeschooling method can be concentrated, a place that could be an oasis for homeschooling moms. I did build that website and today it is live!!! I'm super excited and I hope you ...

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One Tragic Mistake We Make Measuring Our Child’s Intelligence That Cripples Them for Life

One Tragic Mistake We Make Measuring Our Child

Whether our children are in the school system or educated at home, we are all guilty of one blaring, tragic mistake: we measure whole, limitless, unique, creative children with a tiny, severely limited measuring stick and they know if they don't measure up. And I believe this one mistake is crippling their potential, costing us ...

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What if Everything We Think About School is Wrong? (What is a Real Education?)

As a homeschooler, what I believe about real education contradicted by the pressure of doing what most people think school should look like, haunts me day and night. There are a few, desperately pleading education reformers out there saying the most logical things human ears have heard, but are largely ignored because, "the status quo." We ...

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