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Easy Health for Busy Moms–Get the Introductory Price!

It's here! Easy Health for Busy Moms "Balancing Time, Money & Good Sense"   It's an easy-to-read, dense Ebook full of nutritional facts, health "short-cuts", recipes and simple suggestions and reminders to help the busy mom improve her and her family's health without radical diet changes! What are the top 12 super foods you need to be eating? What one, simple ...

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Raw, Healthy Snack

snack 028

Lately we've been trying to improve our health through nutrition--juicing some, adding some things to our diet and removing some things. I'm a "snacker" most of the day, so inspired by my neighbors, I set out to create a snack that satisfies my sweet craving but is healthy enough to eat all I want đŸ˜€ I've come ...

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Let Your Kids Eat Dirt

My Dad told me of a report he had heard about the natural immune-building results of kids being exposed to a fair share of germs...namely, eating dirt.  I've been feeling this to be true for a while.  We are really lax about germs.  Not that I don't bathe in hand-sanitizer as I leave our local ...

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Organize Your Life After the Holidays!

It's no coincidence that the approach of a new year finds us making resolutions, new goals and priorities. There is just something so motivating about coming out of December--with all the stress behind you...but the mess still with you. You're still suffering from a sugar high and you know this is the time ...

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Population Control Through Tetanus Vaccine

Reports have been widely revealed that a population control "program" in some countries has been implemented--unbeknown to its citizens-- which laces a free tetanus vaccine with an abortifacient level of hCG hormone.  In a nutshell, young women are being given a vaccine--repeatedly--that makes them infertile or causes multiple miscarriages. "A BBC documentary reported that women in ...

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Going Green With Everything! (Except the Womb)


As many angles as I've come at this subject before, I thought of yet another one... A confused commenter scolded me on this fertility post about "making laws" regarding being fruitful and multiplying.  (I deleted the comment for a number of reasons.) Which confuses me, because I'm not the one that said to "be fruitful", and I'm ...

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Pregnancy is For Our Health

(Just a head's up...this is a "chic post".) I can't help it...I love to post statistics about the health benefits of pregnancy (especially as my large self needs the extra encouragement đŸ˜‰ But mostly because I think we are a culture that treats pregnancy like a sickness. I mean, why wouldn't we with the constant expectation of ...

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Medicine Mom 101–Your Home Remedies Wanted!

Been thinking a lot lately of the importance of learning things--practical things--that are assets to my family.Years ago, women were trained in the areas of natural medicine and emergency first aid and such, and people didn't run to the doctor over a sniffle.There has been a renewal of education among women seeking a more natural ...

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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Health–Day 5

This will be a hodge podge of tips to keep our health series from dragging on for 10 more days! Once again, baby steps are good. We all compromise our health by the things we eat. The more health we can add to our diets, the better off we'll be. These are just some random ...

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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Health–Day 4

We've all heard MSG is bad (and should even be illegal), but you may not be aware that it can be disguised as different names. Try to avoid it when possible. We have permanently cut out most canned food. I still use canned tomatoes/tomato sauce, but never canned soup which contains huge ...

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