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Mom Hack: Spaghetti Sauce PACKED with Veggies (They Don’t Know!)

Mom Hack: Spaghetti Sauce PACKED with Veggies

A few months ago, our family began a different way of eating. Most of you have probably heard of the Mediterranean Diet (again, not really a diet, but way of eating.) It's doctor recommended for heart health, losing weight and overall health benefits. So far we are enjoying this way of eating. To be fair, we ...

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How To Tackle the New Year When You Want to Do ALL THE THINGS at Once (Practical Steps)

Type A. Dreamer. Visionary. Whatever you call it, I'm one of those. Are you? (Long lines kill you a little inside. Patience: not your super power. To everything there is a purpose. Otherwise, what's the point? (There's isn't one, see?) ) It has its perks, but oh boy, does it have its pitfalls too. Like wishing your vision of ...

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What I’m Doing About My Aging Face

OK girls, this is pretty exciting and I just wanted to let you all know about it. I'm aging. We all are, but you know that place where you finally realize you might need to try putting something on your face besides coconut oil or your cheapo go-to moisturizer? Well I'm there. And I'm pretty particular about ...

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Why Turmeric Powder Supplement is a Simple Solution for Good Health

Why Turmeric is a Simple Solution for Good Health

As a busy mom,  SIMPLE is the name of my game. But as I age, I want to be more intentional about my health still focusing on the simplest and best ways to do that. Enter, TURMERIC. When a friend mentioned this for a particular problem we had, I barely noticed the word and went on about ...

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One Woman’s Journey Out of Exhaustion

  Enjoy this guest post from A Mother's Heritage: “Something is wrong. I just can’t do it anymore!”  How many times over the years have I said this to my husband while sitting in a crumpled heap of tears. Life sucking fatigue had gripped me strongly and I didn’t understand why.  To do the most mundane of tasks ...

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Easy Health for Busy Moms This Year, 1/2 OFF!!!

 Do your new year's resolutions involve better health or losing weight? This ebook makes it so easy to take baby steps without being overwhelmed. For the price of a cup of coffee you can start feeling better today! Do you want to make simple changes in your diet that can prevent sickness and disease? Are you a busy mom? ...

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Catch the Teas, Tonics & Tinctures Workshop by The Provision Room

Workshop: Teas, Tonics & Tinctures My sweet friend, Daja, from The Provision Room and her blog partner, Kristina, are doing some fun and incredibly beneficial workshops at the Urban Homestead this month! . What's this one about? "Caring for yourself in a loving holistic way so that you, in turn, can extend that love and care to your family. ...

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Get. Healthy. Now. Health Ebook Libary for 97% Off!

Sale is now over. If there has ever been a time we need to take our health seriously, it is now. Which makes the Healthy Living Bundle of the Year, on sale for 6 days only, so important! Keep reading. You won't believe it. The FREE STUFF in this bundle is worth more than the price! Just look at ...

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Saying Goodbye to Our Skin Product Business

It's with a bit of sadness that I must announce "Nurtured by Nature", our homemade skin product business, is closing, after six years of operation. The business was really one of the seeds that prompted me to begin this blog so that makes it especially sentimental to me. The Lord has been so gracious as he ...

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Balancing Your Life: Healthy, Happy Homemaker


Balancing Your Life: Healthy, Happy Homemaker I wanted to wrap up the "Balancing Your Life Series" with some inspiration and resources to inspire you. I don't think there can be balance in your life without talking about balancing your responsibilities as a homemaker with physical and emotional health. I can have all my homemaking ducks in a row ...

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