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Balancing Your Life: Healthy, Happy Homemaker


Balancing Your Life: Healthy, Happy Homemaker I wanted to wrap up the "Balancing Your Life Series" with some inspiration and resources to inspire you. I don't think there can be balance in your life without talking about balancing your responsibilities as a homemaker with physical and emotional health. I can have all my homemaking ducks in a row ...

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Embracing the Homeschool Advantage: A Living Education

When a child is first born, he enters the world with an amazing curiosity, given to him by his Creator, that enables him to learn what he needs to learn. He is curious about everything, even before he is able to express it. From the instant he is born, his brain has already begun to ...

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Merry Christmas From Our House to Yours!

2010 was not without its surprises, joys and intermittent drama at our house! Just 2 days ago, on Tuesday, as our family prepared to sit down to dinner, Ellia sent us rushing out the door to the emergency room.  Standing in her little, wooden chair, watching me cook as she often does (but won't anymore ;-)), ...

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Family Entrepreneurs: There’s a Price


We didn't get that many pictures of our most recent fun, bluegrass festival, but I thought I'd share the few we have. The three oldest kids sold their projects--washer necklaces (which sold the best, by the way!), framed artwork and photography note cards. Every time we get ready for a show like this we vow ...

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Is the Classroom Harming Boys and Society?

Need another reason to homeschool? "...we're not as concerned as we ought to be about the millions of young men who are floundering or lost. But they're there: The young men who are working in the lowest-level (and most dangerous) jobs instead of going to college. Who are sitting in prison instead of ...

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Why You Should Be Excited if Your Child Has ADD

Is your child bent toward being an entrepreneur?  If so, encourage it! We were so inspired by this video--you're going to love it!  Hat tip to Kathy for finding it.  (Please note that it has some mild slang language--use discretion with children.) "I think we have an obligation as parents to start teaching our kids ...

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Homemade Gifts Save Money: Washer Necklace

Alexa wanted to set up her own booth in an upcoming local Bluegrass Festival.  So we set out to find just the thing that would be cute, easy and fun.  These washer necklaces proved perfect.  We're addicted! I've decided we'll keep these on hand for gifts too--think hostess gifts, birthday gifts, just-because gifts... Remember, homemade gifts save ...

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Raw, Healthy Snack

snack 028

Lately we've been trying to improve our health through nutrition--juicing some, adding some things to our diet and removing some things. I'm a "snacker" most of the day, so inspired by my neighbors, I set out to create a snack that satisfies my sweet craving but is healthy enough to eat all I want 😀 I've come ...

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My Tips for a More Peaceful/Frugal Christmas Season

If you celebrate Christmas at all, you know it can be stressful, even though we all agree Christmas shouldn't be a time of stress, but rather of joy and celebration! I deal with it every year.  Torn between traditions and finding a balance and keeping my sanity.  So I wanted to throw out some random ideas ...

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How to Help Your Children Become Entrepreneurs and a Give Away!

Since we're on the subject of entrepreneurship, I wanted to answer a common question: "How do I practically encourage my children to be entrepreneur-minded?" Several ways. They are more likely to be interested in home business if their parents are. This doesn't necessarily mean that you must run a full-operating home business for your children to want to.  ...

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