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Feminine Glory is Fruitful: Documentary Inspiring Women to Build Fruitful Homes & Lives

As Christian women look across a cultural landscape fraught with anger, confusion and evil, we can become really discouraged; we can also feel at a loss when it comes to fortifying our children against the ideologies that wage war with Scripture. A new documentary "Eve in Exile" powerfully and simply addresses how Christian women can live ...

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Serving Family: The Obvious, Missed Opportunity

In the third (and possibly last) of the series on serving, I can't fail to talk about the most obvious--our home and family. And because it's the most obvious, it's the most overlooked. If Jesus said that serving was the most important human act and will receive a great reward, how can service to our family--the ...

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How to Serve a Struggling Mom

In our quest to do the most important thing--SERVE--we can't overlook the overwhelmed mom. Most often she is a young mom with small children, but older moms have their own, different share of overload and stress, and desperately need encouragement too. Verbal Encouragement One of the greatest gifts you can give a struggling mom is the comfort ...

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5 Practical Ways to Serve the Grieving (A Serving Series)

My post, "How to Be Important" reminds us that the greatest thing we can do, as Christians, is serve. Jesus taught it, and then led by example. Serving is not a glorified activity in our culture and we really need to cultivate it as a top priority in our homes, leading by example and praying ...

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How to be Important

It's not a new thing to want recognition, to feel important. Two of Jesus's disciples asked him to make them great. Just straight out asked. And His reply can not be underestimated. "...whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be slave of all." Serving. We are ...

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New Year News & Let’s Blog Again?

It's been pretty quiet here for quite a while! Other than a few new posts over the last year, I've mostly recirculated older content on social media from time to time. There are several reasons for the quiet season, not the least of which is just being a busy mama (and Lovey!) We are still plugging ...

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What is “Morning Time” and Why is it So Powerful?

I've always implemented "morning time" in our homeschool, and guarded it passionately. But the book, Morning Time, A Liturgy of Love, has been a tremendous blessing to our family, confirming why it's so important, explaining what it is, and loaded with ideas AND actual resources right in the book for your morning time! She has ...

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Will Our Children Grow up to Defend the Faith?

Often, once kids leave home, they are bombarded by different ideas and beliefs, and have their faith challenged by questions to which they don't have the answer. It has been discouraging to watch a number of friends deal with the grief of seeing their children walk away from the faith, or adopt beliefs we believe to ...

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“I Was Abused” (The Problem with a Victim Mentality)

I haven't forgotten the day. My dad glared at me, then threw the door stop across the room. He stormed out and that was it. The next day, he acted normal.

I was accustomed to such volatile cycles. Things had been bad for a while. I had learned to survive in an environment where authority was ...

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Do We Live in Blind Faith? (Psst..It’s the only Faith That’s Real)

Faith might be a buzz word of Christianity, but so few of us know that real, living, pray-for-daily-bread kind of faith that we read about in Scripture and in the stories of the saints of the past. Perhaps our comforts have moved us beyond the need to trust like that.

If you've never read the story of ...

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