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What is “Morning Time” and Why is it So Powerful?

I've always implemented "morning time" in our homeschool, and guarded it passionately. But the book, Morning Time, A Liturgy of Love, has been a tremendous blessing to our family, confirming why it's so important, explaining what it is, and loaded with ideas AND actual resources right in the book for your morning time! She has ...

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Will Our Children Grow up to Defend the Faith?

Often, once kids leave home, they are bombarded by different ideas and beliefs, and have their faith challenged by questions to which they don't have the answer. It has been discouraging to watch a number of friends deal with the grief of seeing their children walk away from the faith, or adopt beliefs we believe to ...

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“I Was Abused” (The Problem with a Victim Mentality)

I haven't forgotten the day. My dad glared at me, then threw the door stop across the room. He stormed out and that was it. The next day, he acted normal.

I was accustomed to such volatile cycles. Things had been bad for a while. I had learned to survive in an environment where authority was ...

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Do We Live in Blind Faith? (Psst..It’s the only Faith That’s Real)

Faith might be a buzz word of Christianity, but so few of us know that real, living, pray-for-daily-bread kind of faith that we read about in Scripture and in the stories of the saints of the past. Perhaps our comforts have moved us beyond the need to trust like that.

If you've never read the story of ...

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Jennifer Lopez & the Superbowl Half Time Show: We’re Not Empowering Women

(For the record, the above image is not nearly the worst of the half-time show costumes; just what I felt comfortable sharing.)

I realize there is a lot of commentary already about the half-time show in last night's Superbowl. Everything from "It was despicably sexual" to "another vote for empowered women!"

I needed to write simply to ...

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All of Parenting is a Gracious Rescue (and we are not the savior of our children)

Paul Tripp's video, Mirror of Sin & Means of Grace: Parents are Works in Progress Too  hit me right in the heart. I may have cried, then wrote letters of apology to my adult children. Do yourself a huge favor and watch it. Then come back and talk to me. Cause I'm feeling a little ...

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Remembering the Importance of the Seemingly Unimportant at Home

You'd think I would remember. I've been cherishing and talking about HOME for so long. But we get busy and we forget. I do anyway. I forget how important are the hundreds of little things that make home what it is.

That the atmosphere of a home subtly, slowly and profoundly shapes our children as they ...

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How to Raise a Snowflake (An Overly Sensitive, Easily Offended Person Who Struggles with Life)

By the new definition of what it means to be a snowflake, it feels like we're living in a winter wonderland, where it truly makes one wonder, "How did we get here?"

Maybe you've noticed that we live in a time more than ever where feelings rule and the main rule is that anything or anyone ...

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A Letter to My Daughters About Sexual Harassment & Living Here Right Now

Dear sweet young girls and women,

You are strikingly beautiful--inside and out. Our culture values beauty but sometimes they get it wrong. They mistake seductive or sexy or desired for real beauty and it can get really confusing to those of you trying to make your way through it all.

There are mildly inappropriate behaviors that both ...

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The Sexual Revolution of Our Culture & What to Tell Our Children

I've been quiet here for a while about hot topics (mostly because my hot topic is running my household/home business and keeping all these people fed and happy).

But because I think this is such a crucial issue and I know many Christian parents are grasping at straws about how to navigate through these murky waters ...

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