Inspiring Your Kids to be Entrepreneurs

I have 2 goals with this post: first one is to give your kids some useful, productive things to watch during summer and/or quarantine, and secondly, to inspire them (and maybe you) to be productive and consider starting their own business.


The video below is so exciting to watch! It’s a show that features several kids who became successful entrepreneurs and dives into some detail about how and why they did it. My kids are absolutely loving it!


One detail I wanted to highlight from the video is what sparked one young boy’s interest and launched him into starting several businesses. It was a simple, important thing his father did. He wanted to buy a Star Wars toy that cost $400. His father said he could. IF he paid for it. Because he was motivated, he got creative.


We have seen this in our own family many times. Our children know to get extra stuff that they want, they have to pay for it. This is a huge motivation for them to be creative. (Although sometimes that creativity only reaches to offering to do odd jobs around the house–but still, it’s an important life lesson.)


So sit down with your kiddos and watch this fascinating video and then be open to discussion about what their interests are. Even if it only leads to a hobby, there is so much to learn when you work to develop a product or business. The first two girls mentioned they only do half school days because they learn so much from their business. I bet! And to see more videos like this one, go to YouTube and search for “My Hustle Kids.”


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