Why Turmeric Powder Supplement is a Simple Solution for Good Health

Why Turmeric is a Simple Solution for Good Health

As a busy mom,  SIMPLE is the name of my game. But as I age, I want to be more intentional about my health still focusing on the simplest and best ways to do that.


When a friend mentioned this for a particular problem we had, I barely noticed the word and went on about my business. But then I kept seeing different articles outlining the research that had been done about turmeric and it didn’t take me very long to realize, I needed this in my life!


This natural herb is believed to have over 600 health benefits, the most significant being a superior anti-inflammatory food that helps in prevention of cancer, heart attack, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s and depression, just to name a few. If you’re like me, you worry about some of the foods you eat–we eat fairly healthy, but still eat plenty of foods I know causes inflammation. Knowing the turmeric I take combats that is a huge relief to me!

“I have only been taking turmeric a week and I can already feel the difference. The pain in my joints is much less AND I have a more positive sense of well-being–I’ve really noticed that.” -Customer

It’s also a powerful antioxidant, helping the body detox at a cellular level, from all the damage we do by eating what we shouldn’t.

One nutritionist said, “If you aren’t taking turmeric, stop what you’re doing and go get some.”

(If you want to read more about the benefits of turmeric , check out 29 Amazing Health Benefits of Turmeric.)

What Kind to Take?

I love turmeric so much I decided to label my own brand and sell it on Amazon. Yep, that much. Before that, I purchased ground turmeric to sprinkle on our food but, um, one tires quickly of a strong Indian flavor every. single. day. So, supplements are the answer!

Hashtag Health is the name of my brand (Isn’t that cute? I thought of it all by myself.) and if you’re interested in getting started with turmeric, mine is a great brand!

How, you ask? Not all brands are equal. Many supplements that are sold are purchased from other countries where the quality is less regulated. You may or may not be getting what you think. I chose a manufacturer very carefully because I wanted to be confident of the product. It’s manufactured in the US and it’s regulated by the FDA and is GMP certified, tested to ensure the quality and claim is accurate.

ALSO–and this is huge–if you take turmeric, it is not easily absorbed by the body unless it is taken with bioperine, a substance found in black pepper. Hashtag Health’s turmeric includes this important element for maximum absorption.

Also, there are no fillers, binders, preservatives or GMO’s.

So if you want to get started (and believe me you do!) with this SUPER health food, Click here and grab your bottle. I am feeling so great!

Turmeric Curcumin---Pure, Extra Strength Anti-Inflammatory Supplement w/BioPerine (Black Pepper) - 1300mg (2 Capsules each Serving)-Made in US & Certified

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  1. Stacey says:

    Amazon says this is out of stock as of Feb. 19, 2018. Do you know if you’ll have any more back in stock soon? Thanks!

  2. Erin says:

    Hi Kelly,

    This Turmeric is not available and the description was inaccurate (a blood pressure machine).If this particular turmeric is not available, do you have another brand you would recommend?

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