Homeschooling Ebooks: Ideas, Printables, Advice, & Plans–Best Deal on the Internet

Sale is over.

Those of you who bought the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle know what an incredible value you received.

Here’s another unbelievable sale, only this time, the Omnibus Ebook Bundle is full of homeschooling ebooks for your school year!

You have to see this list (I’ve included it below). Basically, you get over 90 ebooks ($590 value) for $25, that 28 cents a book! AND…there are delicious bonuses!

Read them at your leisure from your computer, from your Kindle or e-Reader, or print them off. So convenient and so affordable.

But it only lasts until Sunday (25th), so get it while you can! (And share it too; in the last bundle sale, we had quite a few women who missed it and were so disappointed. Don’t let your friends miss out!)

So browse the incredible books included in the bundle, then make them yours!

Additional Resources: Codes and Links Provided After Purchase

  • From Fortuigence: Get kids ready for writing! Grab access to a short online course that supports you in setting a powerful setting for your kids to become strong writers. A $79 value — yours free!
  • Also from A+ TutorSoft: download a free ($21.99 value) math supplement that helps to build a strong foundation and close learning gaps for struggling students.
  • From Kirsten Joy Awake: Download a free copy of Bible Writer: Volume 1, an all in one Bible Memory and Copywork curriculum.

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  6. Karen R says:

    I did not get this even though I wanted to. 🙁 The bank account is lean near the end of the month. Might I suggest offering this right AFTER payday for all of us stay-out-of-debt folks out there?

    • Word Warrior says:

      I’m sorry, Karen. I will make that suggestion to the ones who orchestrated this sale (all the details are out of my hands). The last bundle we sold DID purpose to plan it right after payday. This bundle was handled by a different group, so maybe that is something they could consider next time. (psst…there is a “healthy mom” bundle coming up in November.)

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